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E3 2021: The Best Game Demos You Can Play Right Now

E3 2021 week is pretty much done and over with, but you can still join in the festivities. All those games you saw in the press conferences? You can play the demos; well, some of them anyway. But they’re definitely worth your time.

Here are our top picks; these demos are available for PC and consoles and are available right now. Keep in mind that some of them are available for a limited time until 22nd June. Better get to playing them, chop chop! And if you want to see the most popular demos this week, head here to this SteamDB chart info page.


A Malaysian-made adventure game where you decipher tea leaves, play traditional games, converse with spirits in the underworld, and question your humanity. This title is definitely one for the spiritual books if you even have an inkling & love for adventure titles.

Demo’s out now for PC.

Death Trash

Part Fallout, part Shadowrun, and part real-time action RPG: this wombo combo indie title is gritty, dark, and full of its namesake. Get the demo now on Steam and on Xbox. The Early Access version is slated for 5th August.


Play a mythical lizard who is packing heat, top-down 2D shooter style. You can play the demo on Steam right now. Scheduled for 2021.

Arietta of Spirits

This one’s a story-focused adventure with 2D combat and gameplay like your Zelda action-adventure entries. It’s about a girl who starts to see ghosts after her grandmother’s death. The demo is out on Steam and Xbox.

The Big Con

In the bustling era of the 90s, your mom’s video store is in debt to a loan shark for a huge sum of money. To help her out, you need to start stealing from people and fleecing them with big cons. Hence the title. This adventure game lets you scam folks for a personal cause and is portrayed in a colorful manner. Demo’s here.


A turn-based RPG where you control a giant mech and defeat other mechs. The black-and-white comic book animations and flair help make this one stand out. Check it out on Steam.

Cris Tales

This 90s JRPG tribute puts you in the shoes of a girl who can foresee different timelines and plan out your attacks in turn-based fashion. Like an indie Monado sword. The full game will be out 20th July, so in the meantime, you can play the demo.

They Always Run

A 2D platformer where you play a bounty hunter chasing after rogue robots.


Snap beautiful nature pictures for a quirky forest community. This hour-long demo is as relaxing as they come as you take in the sights and just roll with the nature theme. Demo’s here.

Terra Nil

Want a reverse city builder-type game where you restore a wasteland to its proper ecosystem? This one’s for you then. Plot out river courses and greenery to clean up the earth plot you’re given; it’s about as relaxing and positive as you can get with an environment-savvy game without coming off as preachy. Here’s the demo.

My Lovely Wife

Part dating sim, life management, and alchemy where you play a man grieving over his dead wife and learning to get over it. Made by Indonesian studio Toge Productions and GameChanger Studio; demo’s here.

The Legend of TianDing

We talked about this 2D action game in great length here. Go download the demo if the idea of liberating 1930s Taiwan from Japanese occupation oppression in over-the-top comic book action form entices you to no end.

To The Rescue!

We have a preview of this floating around: you just build your shelter and rescue dogs while sending them out for adoption. Get to rescuing dogs here!

Len’s Island

Part building sim, part dungeon crawler: Len’s Farm lets you explore the mysteries of the titular island while you find ways to survive. Link to the demo’s here.

Naraka Bladepoint

Battle royale with kung fu and swords. Seems fun; here’s a demo.

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