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Despite becoming so popular and so iconic, Miles Morales Spider-Man was only introduced just 10 years ago in August 2011 in the pages of Ultimate Spider-Man. To celebrate his 10th birthday, Miles is getting a brand new costume in Miles Morales: Spider-Man #30, which is slated to release on 1 September 2021.

Writer Saladin Ahmed and series artist Carmen Carnero, along with several writers and artists previously involved with Miles, will be creating new stories featuring the character. These include:

  • Miles Morales co-creator Sara Pichelli.
  • Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse co-writer/producer Phil Lord.
  • Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse producer Chris Miller.
  • The as-yet-untitled Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse sequel’s co-director Kemp Powers.

The new costume for Miles Morales is designed by Chase Conley, who is a veteran artist with experience in multiple Spider-Man animated series over the years. Spider-Man Miles Morales’ new costume looks similar or at least inspired by Kaine’s Scarlet Spider costume.

Let’s compare them:

The cover to September 1’s Miles Morales: Spider-Man #30.

In addition, Marvel will also be publishing a number of Miles-themed variant covers for other titles in September 2021.

Check them out below, courtesy of GamesRadar:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales has sold more than 4.1 million copies as of February 2021. You can head on over here to check out our full review of Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales.

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