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Long-time fans of the Transformers franchise will be happy to learn that the next live-action movie will finally adapt the beloved Beast Wars. Paramount announced that the movie, Transformers Rise Of The Beasts, has only entered production. The upcoming movie will be set in 1994, taking place between 2018’s Bumblebee’s 80s setting and the Michael Bay movies (which are set in the 2000s).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Optimus Prime will be the film’s protagonist and he will appear in his classic G1 form, as well as once again will be voiced by Peter Cullen. The movie will introduce Maximals and Predacons from the original Beast Wars animated shows and toy line, while also introducing a new threat, the Terrorcons, who will be the main antagonists of the film and led by Scourge.

Three Maximals have been confirmed so far; including Airazor, Rhinox, and Optimus Primal. Meanwhile, actors Anthony Ramos (In the Heights) and Dominique Fishback (Project Power) are going to be the main human protagonists. Fishback will play Elena; an artifact researcher at a museum trying to get ahead despite her boss constantly taking credit for her work, while Ramos will play Noah; a Brooklyn-born young man who has returned home to his mother and younger brother after military service and is trying to find his feet in mid-’90s Brooklyn.

Transformers Rise Of The Beasts is slated to premiere on 24 June 2022. All we have so far is the official logo and title card for the upcoming movie, which you can check out below:

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