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Genshin Impact To Add Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy This October; Raiden Shogun Also Announced

In collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment, miHoYo has announced Genshin Impact 2.1 update will add Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West as a playable character.

Here are here vital stats:

  • Savior From Another World
  • Nora Huntress
  • Cryo Elemental
  • Nora Fortis

“Everything I do is in the service of life, not death. That’s why I’m here with you.”

Genshin Impact

On a related note, Genshin Impact also introduces a new character to gacha: Raiden Shogun, the boss in the Inazuma story campaign. She is an Electro swordswoman.


Full description of Aloy below.

An outcast since birth, Aloy grew up in a harsh mountain wilderness near the tribe that shunned her. Fostered by an expert hunter, she trained to hunt with cat-like grace and deadly accuracy—but the things she most wanted to learn, he could not teach her. Most of all, she burned to know the circumstances of her birth—who her parents were, and why she was shunned by the tribe.

Her quest for answers swept her into a wider and more dangerous world than she ever could have imagined. She encountered strange and powerful new tribes, ancient ruins rife with mysteries, and dangerous enemies, both human and machine. Eventually, she learned that her origins and destiny were deeply tied to the fate of the world itself, and fought an epic battle to save it against the evil forces of artificial intelligence from the ancient past.

She thought that this would be the end of her journey. But there is always more to an adventurer’s tale. She has now come to Teyvat in search of new challenges.

All Travelers who have reached Adventure Rank 20 or above will be able to obtain the event-exclusive 5-star character “Savior From Another World” Aloy (Cryo) directly through in-game mail.

Genshin Impact How To Obtain Aloy

This event will be divided into two phases.

Phase I

After the version 2.1 update; version 2.2 update maintenance takes place on 13 October 2021 at 1.59pm GMT+8.

During the event, all Travelers who log into Genshin Impact on the PS4 or PS5 system will be able to obtain Aloy directly through in-game mail.

Phase II

After the version 2.2 update; version 2.3 update maintenance takes place on 24 November 2021 at 1,59pm GMT+8.

During the event, Travelers who log into Genshin Impact on any available platform, and who have yet to obtain the character during Phase I will be able to obtain Aloy directly through in-game mail.

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