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Platinum Games executive director Hideki “Loves Twitter Block Button” Kamiya has commented on the Nintendo Switch exclusivity of Bayonetta 3.

For those keeping track, Bayonetta 2 is a Nintendo exclusive after Sega seemingly ditched the IP. Nintendo is the company that funded and published Bayonetta 2’s creation, so obviously, it’s a Wii U and Nintendo Switch exclusive. Seeing as Bayonetta 3 is being produced and funded by Nintendo once again, it’s only fitting that the third game will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

So will part 3, or even part 2, ever come out for Xbox Series and PlayStation 5? Of course not, but it’s better to hear it from Kamiya himself (via Twitter & Nintendo Everything).

Just like with Bayonetta 2, we’re developing Bayonetta 3 with funding from Nintendo. We are only involved in development. All decisions about the final product are up to Nintendo. So feel free to send your requests of ‘release the game on other consoles’ to Nintendo. If Nintendo asks us to port the game to PS5, we might do that.

I mean, I guess the likelihood of Bayonetta 2 and 3 coming to PS5 and Xbox isn’t impossible – it’s Nintendo’s decision. By that same logic, it’s not impossible that games like Mario and Zelda could be show up on PS5 or whatever. So good luck sending passionate pleas to Nintendo and trying to get that to happen… If I were you, I’d simply buy a Switch.

Long story short: if you want Bayonetta 3, buy a Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo exclusive hyper-action game will be out in 2022.


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