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Apex Legends: Escape – All Season 11 Battle Pass Weapons And Legend Skins

Apex Legends: Escape launches today, with a brand new map called Storm Point and a new Legend named Ash who looks cool to play as. Most importantly, the next Battle Pass features a ton of goodies and cosmetics you can unlock exclusively for yourself for as long as it’s active.

Here’s a quick guide that shows off all the new weapon and legend skins from the Season 11 Battle Pass.

Free Battle Pass Skins

As stated in the title, you can get these for free as long as you’re diligent enough to level up the Season 11 Battle Pass meter.

  • Venom Punch – Rare Mozambique Skin – Level 6
  • Hardwire Sprawl – Rare Hemlock Skin – Level 14
  • Diamond Accuracy – Rare RE-45 Skin – Level 22
  • Dead Read – Rare Wingman Skin – Level 38
  • Firestarter – Rare Rampart Skin – Level 45
  • Jawmuncher – Rare Alternator Skin – Level 53
  • New Age Maverick – Rare Longbow Skin – Level 54

Premium Battle Pass Skins

As soon as you buy the Premium version of the Season 11 Battle Pass, you’ll get the following four skins:

  • Poison Dart – Epic Loba Skin
  • Compound Fracture – Legendary Bocek Skin
  • Vision Walker – Epic Wraith Skin
  • Skinwalker – Epic Revenant Skin

You’ll get these Premium skins if you level up your newly-bought Battle Pass:

  • Ante Up – Rare Volt Skin – Level 11
  • Warhead Storage – Rare Prowler Skin – Level 20
  • Desert Mirage – Legendary Mirage Skin – Level 25
  • Cover Fire – Rare Spitfire Skin – Level 28
  • Triangulation – Rare G7 Scout Skin – Level 41
  • 30-30 – Rare Bucking Bronco Skin – Level 46
  • Glorious Combatant – Legendary Gibraltar Skin – Level 50
  • Fresh Vector – Rare R-99 Skin – level 62
  • Pellet Sunrise – Rare Mastiff Skin – Level 65
  • King Kraber – Rare Kraber Skin – Level 66
  • Orange Crush – Rare Triple Take Skin – Level 68
  • Ground Fire – Rare Devotion Skin – Level 71
  • Face Pollution – Rare Eva-8 Skin – Level 73
  • Hard Target – Rare Bangalore Skin – Level 74
  • Good Politics – Rare Peacekeeper Skin – Level 78
  • Black Into Blue -Rare Caustic Skin – Level 80
  • Be Aggressive – Rare Havoc Skin -Level 84
  • Gridlock – Rare Flatline Skin – Level 89
  • Aubergine Dream – Rare Charge Rifle Skin – Level 90
  • No Mercy – Rare Sentinel Skin – Level 94
  • One Blood – Epic R-301 Skin – Level 97
  • Pipe Dream – Legendary Prowler Skin – Level 100
  • Fatal Attraction – Legendary Prowler Skin – Level 110

Daily Loot Box Skin Reward

If you collect all loot boxes during Season 11, you’ll be given 10 stars and a bonus skin via the Season 11 Battle Pass: an Epic Eva-8 skin called Sun Kissed.

Should You Buy The Season 11 Battle Pass?

It depends. If you have time dedicated to Apex Legends’ new map every day, up to two hours, you should be able to get up to Level 110 just before the season is over. So buy it if you’re in this category.

If you cannot dedicate that much time, it’s definitely not worth it. At least the free battle skins look nifty.

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