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The Southeast Asian comic book scene is rapidly growing and Crimson Star is just further proof of that. This Kickstarter project is for a 77-page and fully-illustrated comic book/graphic novel with amazing art by Singaporean artist Tasha Leah Santiago.

The story in Crimson Star: Book One is set in the late ’80s and follows Singaporean journalist Fandi in the early years of his budding career in New York, witnessing and reporting a phenomenon still alien to him: the advent of superhero crime fighting! While superheroes have soared across the clouds for a good six decades in this world, Fandi’s homeland of Singapore has had the fortune of being free of super-powered encounters in this period.

You can head on over here to support or back the project.

In the meantime, check out some of the characters and art from the comic below, as well as a special cover variant art by Malaysian artist Zehe:

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