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Nexon and Neople just released a new DNF Duel trailer, which features a release period for the upcoming 2D fighting game.

DNF Duel will be out in Summer 2022 for PS4 and PS5. In addition, the game will add three more playable characters to its roster: the Ghostblade, the Mechanic, and the Troubleshooter. The total number of characters in the game is 13 so far.

The new trailer below showcases a bit about the Ghostblade: he’s a samurai with a ghost partner who will most likely act as a “stand” or “Persona”, performing additional attacks to help the Ghostblade out.

Here’s how the other two characters look like in the MMO; their DNF Duel counterparts will no doubt look similar.



The game’s open beta session is active right now until tomorrow evening.

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