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Momodora Series Gets A New Entry For 2022; To Be Published By Playism

Momodora, a series of search action games with gorgeous pixel graphics and brutal 2D gameplay, is getting a sequel and it’s published by Playism.

Titled Momodora: Moonlit Farewell, this upcoming 2D search action title is the sequel to Momodora III. The sequel is slated for PC via Steam, though there’s no release date as of yet.

There is a pretty packed debut trailer though, featuring stellar 2D visuals, loads of challenging combat and a tight melee system featuring a ton of dodging and counterattacks, as well as a peek at the Sigil system which features customizable play styles for your main character.

Here’s a developer comment from creator rdein, which will hopefully inspire you to pick up the prequels right now because they’re pretty fun to play.

“Hello everyone! This is rdein, creator of the Momodora series. Recently my team and I have announced the latest installment in the series, Moonlit Farewell. This is a concluding story, following through from the events of Momodora III. With this new tale, I also intend to close the book on many of the past games’ mysteries and questions.

I’m aware that many players are more familiar with the story of Kaho, which is set in a distant past. As such, I’m designing Moonlit Farewell to be as enjoyable as possible without prior knowledge of Momodora I to III‘s stories. Moreover, the series has always been focused on action and minimal stories. So please, don’t worry too much about “catching up”!

Lastly, we hope to bring you our best game with this new title, using all the knowledge we’ve learned in the past ten years. So please don’t forget to head over to the Steam page and hit that wishlist button, and stay tuned for the Momodora: Moonlit Farewell!”

At the very least, play Momodora III.

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