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This Is How Street Fighter 5’s New Character Fare On The Tier List Of 2022

It’s already been a month since Luke came out in Street Fighter 5, so he’s definitely got his place sorted in the game’s ever-changing tier list. With the game reaching its roster limit, it’s only a matter of time until the game’s tier list gets cemented.

For now, we have one of the world’s top players already sorting out the 45 characters and their rankings. Capcom Cup 2019 champion Derek “iDom” Ruffin has offered the internet his tier list. It’s what you would expect when you have a new character shaking up the scene:

S Tier

Cammy, Rashid, Karin, Dhalsim, Urien, Poison, Luke, Guile, Balrog

New character Luke makes a strong debut as an S-tier character in online play. A number of top players like Punk and Daigo Umehara have stated Luke being a great character to use. This is because (a) he can switch between a rushdown and a zoning character thanks to his V-Skill and V-Trigger offerings,(b) he has great normals (standing LP, standing MP, standing HP) and decent health, and (c) his V-Trigger meter doesn’t drain automatically when it’s active, so opponents cannot wait it out until it’s drained.

Capcom kept it simple with Luke and succeeded. The rest of the S tier characters are the usual suspects: Cammy, Rashid, and Karin’s rushdown and mixups outmatches most of the cast, Dhalsim has great zoning tools in addition to his rushdown game, and Urien and his Aegis Reflector comeback. Poison, Guile, and Balrog round out the list.

A+ Tier

Kolin, M.Bison, Ken, Zeku, G, Chun-Li, Sakura, Seth, Akuma, Menat, Akira, Juri, Cody

Kolin, Seth, and M.Bison are still formidable foes, though in iDom’s eyes they don’t hold a candle to characters like Poison and their recent buffs. It’s also good to see characters like Juri rising up despite their complicated kit.

A Tier

Birdie, Alex, Laura, Falke, Ed, Vega, F.A.N.G, Abigail, Ryu, E. Honda, R. Mika, Sagat, Ibuki

While iDom is top-tier in using Laura, she may not be ideal to use if you plan on winning matches consistently since characters like Rashid and Cammy have better rushdown options.

B Tier

Nash, Rose, Zangief, Necalli, Kage, Lucia, Gill, Blanka, Oro, Dan

These character’s playstyles and gimmicks (Oro and Dan in particular) can only carry them so far up to Gold, and not any higher due to the rest of the cast above this tier.


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