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The Best Deals From The Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2022

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Lunar New Year!

Steam is coming in to take all your ang paos with the Steam Lunar New Year Sale that will run from January 27 to February 3. Here are our picks for the best deals and discounts so far during this auspicious Year of the Tiger:

Arma 3 (RM29.75)

Arma is often regarded as the shooter’s shooter. The chess to Call of Duty’s checkers. This hyper realistic military sim gives players the chance to engage in intense firefights and really feel as if you’re a boots on the ground army grunt, giving you a massive sandbox to explore.

Half-Life Alyx (RM47.50)

Wake up Mr. Freeman. Half Life Alyx is by far the closest we’ll ever get to Half-Life 3 but tells the story of Alyx Vance, close comrade to Gordon Freeman. A game entirely set in VR, it brings you back into City 17 and is set in between the events of the first and second game. Check out why we think the game is a remarkable VR experience.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (RM161.85)

Get hooked on a feeling with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, winner of Video Game Awards 2021 for Best Narrative. A surprise gem from last year, if you’re a fan of the movies – get this. If you enjoy a compelling story with characters you’d die for – GET THIS. The best part of this game is that it stays true to the comics and lets us see the truly weird aspects of the Guardians that the movies missed. Plus, it doesn’t turn Drax or Mantis into a walking joke.

Outer Wilds (RM26.40)

Named Game of the Year 2019 by several outlets, Outer Wilds is Groundhog Day meets Abe’s Oddysee. Set in a small solar system caught in a timeloop, the game has you unravel the mystery and engage with colorful characters as you explore planet to planet.

Sea of Thieves (RM43.55)

Get your sea shanties ready with Sea of Thieves, a multiplayer open world pirate game from the makers of the Fable series. It’s latest update sees you freeing Captain Jack Sparrow himself and clash swords with the crew of the Flying Dutchman.

The Elder Scrolls Online (RM23.69)

Lost your sweetroll? Well at least you can get TES Online for dirt cheap right now. This MMORPG opens up the world of Tamriel entirely, transcending all games in the past and letting you visit locations from previous games or places that we haven’t seen yet. This makes good timing as you can grind in the meantime before its High Isle expansion releases later in June.

Titanfall 2 (RM29.75)

Almost unanimously (almost) agreed to be the best shooter ever made, Titanfall 2 combines the best movement you’ll ever experience with giant mecha battles. The precursor to Apex Legends, this game has one of the most rewarding and intuitive movement systems in shooters while being set in a futuristic warring world.

Dead Space Trilogy (RM19.75)

Dead Space is an essential play if you’re a fan of the survival horror genre. The atmosphere of the USG Ishimura was unforgettable at the time, with a neat HUD that’s part of the players body. This gives you the perfect chance to stomp some necromorphs aggressively before the remake comes out later. Do note, each game is priced separately.

Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition (RM121.87)

Return to the world of Pandora as a new team of Vault Hunters. The Ultimate Edition includes the Season Pass for both seasons, basically including all the content available in the game with more bonuses.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps (RM16.83)

This beautiful and critically acclaimed Metroidvania combines demanding 2D platformer gameplay with hand-drawn art that will definitely make you pause to enjoy the view. This is THE game that Sony fanboys wished they had.

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