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After so many years in development hell and back-and-forths, the Halo live-action TV series is actually happening. It’ll debut its first episode on 25th March and will be on Paramount+.

Of course, with half the world not being able to access the series and Paramount+ through regular means, you may need to find different ways to access the show. Here are a few ways to do so:

Get Xbox Game Pass ULtimate

It turns out that Microsoft is offering Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers 1 free month of Paramount+, just in time for the Halo TV show. The pass is only US$14.99 per month, and allows you to also play a heckaton of Xbox games and third-party titles for free.

As we’ve mentioned time and again, the Xbox Game Pass is a helluva great bargain if you have either an Xbox One, Xbox Series, or PC. You may want to set your Microsoft/Xbox account region to the United States or Singapore so that there’s less hassle in the buying process.

Watch It On Mola.TV is a livestream service that broadcasts free TV shows and seems 100% legit. You can register an account on Mola for free with no hassle at this point in time.

So far, these are the only ways to watch the first-ever Halo live-action series through legitimate means. If you know of any other way, do let us now and we’ll update this feature proper.

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