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Id Software co-founder John Romero has announced that his autobiography and memoir is now up for pre-order. Titled Doom Guy Life In First Person, it’s coming out in January 2023. According to the official blurb, it’ll cover everything from Romero’s youth, the creation of id Software and its formative games, as well as his “high-profile falling out with his id Software co-founder John Carmack”.

On his Twitter, Romero describes the book as:

To sum it up, it’s a positive story of gratitude for a life in games. Code and games changed the trajectory of my life. I cover everything in detail, including lessons learned.


It will be interesting to see more hidden insights into the history of the video games industry, as well details on Romero’s 1996 departure from id Software. It just goes to show how influential video games are now in the tapestry of world culture. There was also supposed to be a TV series adaptation David Kushner’s Masters Of Doom book, which would cover Doom‘s origin story for its first season and will continue as an anthology series telling other stories from the games industry, beginning from its second season onwards.

However, there has been no recent updates on that TV series.

Doom Guy Life In First Person is published by Abrams Books and will release on 10 January 2022 in both hardcover and ebook editions.

Check out the cover below:

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