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Lost Ark is still a-ticking and being played by everyone, including people outside of its US and Europe region.

The long-awaited endgame Raids for the game will arrive in the worldwide client of the game later this month of May 2022. The game’s Legion Raids are “difficult team-based activities that require teamwork to understand and execute the strategy necessary to counter each legion commander’s unique characteristics, abilities, and mechanics”. Basically, co-op play and puzzles as well as a Normal and Hard mode for different skill levels.

The first Legion Raid is called Valtan, an eight-player encounter with two checkpoints and new mechanics. Completing these will let you craft new gear that feature the Relic rarity, which give bigger stat bonuses and more engraving nodes.

In addition, the game will add in a new advanced class called the Destroyer, a new Guardian Raid called Deskaluda, and a bunch of new quests. Developer SmilegateRPG will share the rest of its summer plans later this month. No date has been announced for this though.

Lost Ark is available to play right now. Head here to find out the best class to play at this point in time.

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