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Rogue Legacy 2 is out of early access and is in its full version right now. The game still features the best 2D search action/metroidvania-style gameplay you’ve loved in the original, but just more improved and beefed up.

Rogue Legacy 2 also introduces Heirlooms, which are artifacts that grant unique abilities that are required to access certain areas of the game, much like unlocked skills in your search action game of choice. You only get Heirlooms by completing the challenge chambers featured in each biome.

Keep in mind that the same chamber(s) will be found in one biome, but the spawn point within each biome is randomized. Once you find it, these Heirloom chambers are marked on the map with a bright orange candle. Here’s a full list of all the Heirlooms.

Rogue Legacy 2 Heirloom Location Guide

Aesops’ Tome

One of the first two Heirlooms you can find in the first biome, Citadel Agartha. The Aesop’s Tome allies you to read Memories as well as disable Nightmares; the latter are turrets that shoot projectiles at players when they use an attack.

Beating this Heirloom chamber is not easy. You have to navigate through various levels defeating any enemies that show up. In some rooms, you’ll be able to disable the Nightmares and take out the enemies before they reactivate. But in other rooms, you’ll be forced to fight enemies and dodge the Nightmares at the same time. Don’t be surprised if you die on your first attempt at getting this Heirloom.

Ananke’s Shawl

The other Heirloom in Citadel Agartha. This Heirloom gives you the ability to air dash. You need this Heirloom to access the first boss Estuary Lamech.

Finding this Heirloom is easy, and its chamber is easier to deal with than the Aesop’s Tome chamber. You just need to go through a couple of platforming sequences that require you to use air dashes and spin kicks, sometimes one after the other. With some practice, you can get through this even on your first attempt.

Echo’s Boots

Found in the second biome Axis Mundi. These boots enhances the Spin Kick by turning it into an Echo Kick. Echo Kicks can bounce off glowing platforms, and resets your air dash when used successfully.

Complete the chamber located through the door above the biome’s opening room to find the chamber to this Heirloom. Reaching this door requires Ananke’s Shawl. Once you’ve entered the door, make your way to the top of the castle by using Spin Kicks to gain height. Once that is done, drop off the left side of the castle while holding right. You should land next to the chamber’s entrance.

This Heirloom Chamber requires you to use Echo Kick to progress through the room; you’ll just be going through a number of platforming sequences to win it.

Aether’s Wings

Found in the third biome Kerguelen Plateau. Gives you the double jump ability, which is pretty important in getting through most of Rogue Legacy 2.

The biome is all the way to the right of the map after completing Axis Mundi. The chamber for this Heirloom is made up of difficulty platforming segments and also some combat rooms featuring enemies that hit over 100 damage. You will die quite a bit here, so don’t feel too bad if this is your umpteenth attempt.

Pallas’ Void Bell

Found in the fourth biome Stygian Study. Gives you the Void Dash, which is a better Air Dash that can be cancelled and lets you pass through Void objects.

You need Aether’s Wings to access the fourth biome. The Heirloom chamber here mixes platforming challenges with enemy combat rooms. You need to use Void Dashes and Jump Kicks properly to get past these.

Theia’s Sun Lantern

Found in the fifth and last biome, Pishon Dry Lake. This Heirloom omits a light around you, which is important for the final biome since it’s pitch black all the way through.

To find this Heirloom, you need to beat The Sun Tower’s final boss, the Estuary Irad, and head to the lake below Citadel Agartha. Near the entrance, you’ll find a knight who will hand over the Heirloom.

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