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Disney’s Live-Action Hercules Film Will Put A “Modern Spin” On Original Story

Disney’s Hercules was quite an animated film back in 1997. It had a Vegas-style avante grade art style inspired by English cartoonist Gerald Scarfe and Greek vase painting styles, had one of the best Disney villains of all time in the form of James Woods’ Hades, an interesting female lead in Susan Egan’s Megara, and not much else in terms of plot because it was a time when Disney’s golden renaissance animation period was seeing a bit of tarnish.

Just like every frackin’ Disney animated show, Hercules is getting a live-action remake. Producers Joe and Anthony Russo (of Community and MCU fame) said that the film will approach the tale from a more modern angle while honouring the original story and elevating some of its humour (via GamesRadar).

“It will certainly pay homage to the original with a more modern spin on it. What Anthony and I love about the original is how funny and subversive it is. I think we try to embrace that sense of humor in the remake.”

The show will not be a literal translation of the animated “hit”. The duo plan to tell a “different story” with new elements in the mix while also taking inspiration from the original movie.

I’ll say this: if there are any animated films from Disney’s stable that needs a remake for the sake of improving the source material, Hercules would be one of them. You can also add Aristocats, The Rescuers, and Pocahontos to the list, but that’s beside the point. The Hercules film will still make millions when it’s out because it’s probably going to use nostalgia-pandering tech that made the unnecessary Lion King remake worked.

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