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VCT 2022: Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen – Fnatic Claw Their Way Into Top 4

Fnatic have secured Top 4 after eliminating Leviatán in a nail-bitingly close 2–1 series.

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After falling short against Paper Rex in the upper bracket semi-finals, Fnatic, the top-seeded team from Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), was sent down into the lower bracket where they were set to face the top seed from Latin America (LATAM), Leviatán.

Although the EMEA side took the win, that’s not to say that Leviatán didn’t put up a fight. In fact, this entire series could have gone either way and although the Chilean squad will be going home, they can hold their heads high as they look towards VCT Champions later this year.

Clashing of Playstyles

To start the series, Fnatic picked Fracture as Map 1 and one thing that was to be considered was that in this iteration Leviatán had no tournament experience on Fracture. With Fnatic’s tactical and strategic prowess pitted against Leviatán’s fast-paced and chaotic playstyle, you would have assumed that this map would have been one-sided. But this series as a whole is anything but.

Regardless of the lack of tournament experience on this particular map, Leviatán came out gun-ablaze as they forcefully took the first four rounds. Going into the half, Leviatán had secured themselves a lead at 7–5, but all that was about to change in the second half as Emir Ali Alfajer Beder began to reveal his regional-level Raze prowess.

On defence, Fnatic were finally able to find their footing as they began to take the lead. But Leviatán answered back thanks to Francisco kiNgg Aravena showcasing aggressive utility usage on Neon. Round 24 was do or die for the Chilean side, but Fnatic were able to wait out the clock forcing the map into overtime.

Going into overtime, Fnatic managed to secure the two rounds needed, taking the map 14–12.


Map 2 was Leviatán’s pick of Ascent and Fnatic thought it be best to change strategies and put Alfajer on Sage rather than a duelist as they would start on defence. With this composition, Fnatic were hoping that the change in agents would help with their defensive strategies but unfortunately for them, they still lost the first four rounds.

Fnatic did manage to pick off a couple more rounds following this, and managed to secure themselves an extra four rounds for themselves, leaving the score 6–6 going into the half.

With the second half underway, Leviatán were on a roll winning five out of the first six rounds of the half. Fnatic were able to hit back by securing three rounds consecutively, but unfortunately it just wasn’t enough asthe LATAM team managed to reset their momentum and close out the series 13–10.


With Top 4 on the line, both teams were fighting tooth and nail to secure their spot. Map 3, the decider was to be played on Bind. With Leviatán starting on defence this time, they planned on sticking to their trusty aggressive playstyle throughout the first half, securing themselves the lead at the half at 7–5.

Fnatic refused to let the LATAM team have their way and in round 13, Fnatic executed an extremely aggressive push down B site to catch the Leviatán players off guard and pick them off one-by-one, leaving Leviatán’s Marco Melser Amaro in a 1v4. In the end Fnatic took the round using this as the foundation of their momentum going forward.

After finally securing the lead, Fnatic were able to maintain said lead until round 24, where Boaster narrowly missed the spike defuse, sending both teams into another overtime.

Bind’s overtime stretched a lot longer than Map 1’s with a constant back and forth between the two powerhouses. In round 29, Fnatic were able to secure advantage point thanks to their captain, Jake Boaster Howlett obtaining an Operator and getting a 4k.

Leviatán bounced back but their optimism was short lived as they lost the following round. Fnatic’s Enzo Enzo Mestari pulled off the final clutch of the match in round 31, making Bind the longest overtime map so far at Masters Copenhagen.

Unfortunately for Leviatán this is the end of the road for them in Copenhagen, but as I mentioned before, they definitely gave Fnatic a run for their money and going into VCT Champions later this year, we should expect to see big things from the LATAM team.

As for Fnatic, they will have a rematch with their EMEA brethren in FunPlus Phoenix on 23 July at 2:00 AM (GMT+8) in front of a live crowd no less. So look forward to that.

For more VCT 2022 action, head over to our full schedule and livestream feature page.

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