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Game News Guru Nibel Quits Twitter & Patreon, & Game News Coverage In General

Sad news for everyone who chooses to get their daily dose of game news on Twitter: Nibel will be leaving both Twitter and Patreon, effectively stopping his early and on-the-dot game news coverage.

The news was made on, of course, Twitter. He also posted on his Patreon page to elaborate further on him not covering games anymore on either platform due to the platform being unsustainable and creating a reliable revenue stream.

“Unfortunately, I was not able to create an interesting and sustainable Patreon which is evident in the number of Patrons stagnating during the first weekend and the first (of many) pledges being deleted during the first week.

I have miscalculated the value of my Twitter activity and realize that it is nothing worth supporting by itself for the vast majority of people. It is not me who is popular, but it is that work that is useful. It is not valuable by itself, but a comfortable timesaver, and I get that now.

[…] I don’t think that Twitter has yet experienced good leadership, and this trend will not change with [Elon] Musk either.  I do not trust the platform. I do not trust Musk and his seemingly infinite immaturity. I do not think Twitter will fall apart instantly but that it could die a slow death. Why waste more time?”


Nibel will close the Patreon page this week, deactivate the billing, and look into refunds for recent payments.

Nibel, whose avatar is clearly Shigeo Kageyama from Mob Psycho 100, is renowned for fast and tip-top game news coverage on his Twitter feed. We’d even go as far as to say that the majority of game news outlets big and small source his feed for insider news and tidbits. His Twitter account has 447,000 followers, which is more than most game news outlets could hope to amass and achieve.

His contribution to video games news coverage will be missed. Thank you, good sir!

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