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Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope Walkthrough: How To Keep Space Safe

The new strategy game Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope is out this week for Nintendo Switch. If you love Mario, Nintendo characters, Rabbids, and XCOM games with tweakable difficulty levels, you’ve come to the right game.

Here are video walkthroughs for each major story quest in the game, battles and all. Some of these puzzles can get tricky, so hopefully these walkthroughs will help. Spoiler warning, since we’ll be touching on the game’s final battles too.

Basic Tips To Keep In Mind

Practice Team Jump as much as you can. You cover way more distance with three people when Team Jumping back-to-back. Heck, certain vantage points are only accessible when you Team Jump; these areas are beneficial for snipers like Luigi.
-You only stop moving when you fire your primary weapon (ZL button). You can still move around after doing a Spark ability, a Dash (melee), a Team Jump, or a Hero Ability (ZR button). But once you fire your weapon, you can’t move anymore. Make sure you’re at least in cover before you fire your gun.
-Take your time scanning the area with Beep-O either before the fight starts or during a fight. There’s nothing worse than using the wrong Spark element on an enemy, wasting your turn since the resistances for elements are pretty high.
-Always apply Spark buffs or Hero Ability buffs (Princess Peach’s team shield) before moving. That way, you can give everyone your buffs before they spread out to cover more ground.
-If you’re low on coins for the shop or for pre-fight heals, you can always exit the dungeon and re-enter to make them respawn. Either that, or just farm enemies in the area you’re in.
-If Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope is kicking your ass in the later levels, there’s no shame in tweaking the difficulty to your liking. The game doesn’t pull punches with damage and enemy AI when you reach Pallette Prime. Besides, there isn’t an achievement system in place here if you finish the game on the highest difficulty.


Beacon Beach


Pristine Peaks

Palette Prime


Terra Flora


Barrendale Mesa

Cursa’s Stronghold

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