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A Lot Of Game Developers Are Confessing Their Sins Regarding Loss

Twitter is currently the hub of all things related to Elon Musk and his cockups, the Malaysian General Election 15 fallout, and a bunch of confessions in case the social media platform goes under. The latter is trending especially in the games industry side, since many developers are confessing their game design sins.

One of them who started this trend was a senior character artist for Overwatch, who confessed to hiding “abstract art” versions of the Loss meme in older projects.

For those who don’t know their video game meme and history, the Loss meme started when webcomic Ctrl+Alt+Del took a dramatic turn from its video game humour with a strip depicting a miscarriage. The comic’s attempt to add an emotional cue backfired, and was mocked for years on end. Clever folks even did a minimalistic interpretation of it to this day. Turns out that most of these “last day” confessions from developers revolved around adding Loss into video games they worked on. We have a couple from Maneater, Super Meat Boy Forever, and even A Hat In Time.

Apart from that meme, the other confessions include a Far Cry 6 buff that never happened, The Witcher 3 jiggle, and a JoJo reference in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Were there any game design sins we left out following the Twitter end times? Let us know!



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