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Warm Snow DLC The Ash Of Nightmare Is Out Now On Steam

BadMudStudio, developers of Warm Snow, the Chinese dark fantasy rogue-like game published by Bilibili, has announced that the Ash of Nightmare, the first DLC for Warm Snow, is available now on Steam and brings all-new game modes and stories for players to enjoy.

Previously a winner of the Nova Prize at China’s IndiePlay 2020, Warm Snow has a 90% ‘Very Positive’ rating on Steam with over 17,000 reviews. Warm Snow: The Ash of Nightmare challenges every Snow Sweeper with an entirely new story and game mode – the mysterious Nightmare World. Five Bosses, six endings, more than 30 nightmare skills, and many new styles are waiting for players to explore.


In the finale of the base game, Heluo traps the protagonist, ‘Bi-an,’ in the Nightmare World. Warm Snow: The Ash of Nightmare continues this saga in the land of illusion. Players who have finished the first playthrough can talk with the glowing sword at the Buddhist Hall to enter the Nightmare World and begin their quest into the land of Illusions. There, players must defeat the Tellers of Untruths to find an escape before they are lured into their doom.


A brand new attribute, Lucid Points, has been added and is key to survival in the Nightmare World. Lucid Points decrease over time and are further depleted when monsters attack the player. Players must keep their Lucid Points above zero, or it’s game over!

To improve nightmare resistance, players must enhance the Buddha of Lucid Point by using Nightmare Ember, the currency of the Nightmare World. Players can also use the nightmare power to revolt against this world. But be careful! Nightmare power increases nightmare level and thus reduces nightmare resistance.


More than 30 Nightmare skills and the Nightmare Exculibar are added in this DLC, distinct from their original counterparts. These can be handy in battle but also increase the player’s nightmare level and grant more debuffs.

99 Sigils of Lucid Dream are also added in the DLC, which are used to change Nightmare skills’ effects. After clearing a dungeon, players get a chance to earn three random Sigils of Lucid Dream. Players can choose one of these to arm themselves. Different combinations of manuals and Sigils make the play experience unique.


Besides Nightmare Level, players can have additional options to change the game difficulty. Defeating a boss grants a permanent Nightmare Flame, and using these to light a flame can increase the difficulty while also gaining benefits for the player. 

In addition, every NPC has its new skin now. Defeat Tellers of Untruths and open Nightmare Chests to unlock these alternate looks, some of which have special bonuses and visual effects. Players can switch skins at the Mirage Altar. 

Warm Snow’s first DLC, The Ash of Nightmare, is free for every Snow Sweeper. With the spin-off story, the new world, and the new gameplay mode, BadMud promises players a thrilling adventure. Dive into the land of mirages and escape from the Nightmare with ‘Bi-an’! Plus, until November 8, Warm Snow is on sale for 25% off the original price.

The game can be downloaded from Steam. Stay tuned by visiting the website or joining the Discord channel for the latest updates.

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