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Sports Story Secret Room Reveals Sinister Reason Behind The Game’s Development Troubles

Sports Story originally launched for the Nintendo Switch on 23 December 2022, but players have been complaining about major issues and bugs in the game. Developer Sidebar Games already stated that they will patch these out but players have discovered a secret hidden room that implies something more sinister.

Twitter user @tendog has been documenting all the easter eggs and hidden secrets in Sports Story (via ResetEra), which is how they accidentally discovered the secret room that only seems to be accessible by clipping out of bounds.

Inside the secret room, players will encounter a team of developers called Cold Cartridge working on a game called GALF. What the NPCs in the room say is disturbing, including saying that the game is going through a “troubled development” while another NPC in the room claims that someone “kept requesting new features” and that the “original vision no longer exists”. Other NPCs in the room also complain about broken menus and being forced to work on additional features.

What all of this suggests is that Sports Story was hampered by a phenomenon called feature creep, which is when developers cram in excessive additions of new features throughout development while not focusing as much time or resources on polishing the game. This will often result in a buggy game, which is what Sports Story turned out to be. It’s currently unclear if any of this is true, or if the secret room is just a joke.

Check it out below:

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