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A Space For The Unbound Walkthrough: How To Solve The Game’s Toughest Puzzles

A Space For The Unbound is out right now, and it’s a lovely and relaxing adventure game set in 90s Indonesia, featuring a boy and a girl who has cosmic powers.

The whole game’s vibe is relaxing, but it does get dramatic as the hours pass. You’ll also come across a number of brain teaser puzzles and also use your red book to “spacedive” into people’s minds and solve problems there. Here’s a guide to some of them.

We’ll do our best to not bring up plot points in the game and keep the guide as spoiler-free as possible.

Chapter 3: Student Gang Quiz

You can score a letter from a YOMAN sticker if you can answer the 5-series of questions from this high school group hanging behind the school drain area. Here are the answers:

  1. Au
  2. Hydrogen
  3. Mercury
  4. Hades
  5. Metamorphosis

Chapter 3: Water Hose Puzzle

This requires you to put out fires in a woman’s spacedive section. You will need to find handles, put them on specific pipes, and then turn them on to get the water running to either fill up a well or put out a fire.

Here’s the diagram:

Spoiler-free puzzle solution:

-You should have two pipe handles you can detach and use at the start.
-Put one handle on 2 and one on 11. You will fill up a well that lets you collect a third handle.
-Put all the handles on 3, 8, and 10

Chapter 4: Karate Teacher Spacedive

In Chapter 4, you’ll be in a situation where you need to open up portals to go back into different areas. In one instance, you’ll need to unlock a safe in a karate teacher’s spacedive session.

The safe has three digits; each digit is represented by the number of times an elbow attack, a kick, and a fist appears in a comic book.

Where is this comic book? You have to head to a portal that will take you to a section where a kid is reading a comic next to a guy selling bootleg manga.

Talk to the boy; you’ll get to read the manga. Count the number of times an elbow attack, a kick, and a fist appears in each of the pages and panels. Karate chops do not count.

Here’s the combination:

  • Elbow: 3
  • Kick: 5
  • Punch: 7

Chapter 4: Math & Locker Puzzle

Later in the game, you’ll need to head through a portal and go to your old school. You’ll need to get a crucial item -a crowbar- from a safe in the library that’s owned by a teacher named Niken. Unfortunately, you don’t know what the combination is.

The answer can be found in a math quiz/puzzle that’s scattered throughout the school. You will find the following equations:

  • 3-3n=-i (go through a portal in your classroom, check the desk)
  • 2k=3n (in your classroom, on the board)
  • 11=2e + i (on a document in a garbage bin near your classroom)
  • n=4 (found at the back of the school; you need to help a guy move stuff to proceed)

As you can tell from the equation, you need to find out what number each letter represents. We already have “n=4”, so all you need to do is use some math brainpower. Keep in mind that a letter next to a number denotes a multiplication.

  • 3-3(4)=-9
  • 2(6) = 3(4)
  • 11=2(1)+9

The locker combination is actually spelling out Niken’s name but using the aforementioned numbers in the equations. So NIKEN = 49614. Use the combination to open the safe to get the crowbar and proceed with the story.

Video Walkthrough

Here are the full video walkthroughs for A Space For The Unbound. Full spoilers ahead:

Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

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