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Overwatch 2’s New Deatchmatch Mode Patch Introduces Some Crazy Bugs

For those who don’t know, Overwatch 2’s latest patch brings in a limited-time deathmatch mode that makes the game’s Ultis and special abilities a bit OP than usual.

The mode is called Battle For Olympus, and it’s available as an arcade mode with new challenges. It’s a free-for-all deathmatch with seven heroes to pick from, all of them with powered-up abilities and amplified Ultimates. For example, Reinhardt gains a buff when he does his “hammer down” Ulti, pinning up to three targets at once.

Speaking of challenges, you need to finish six of them to win the Winged Victory Mercy skin, which came out back in 2017.

Long story short, it sounds like a fun Arcade Mode deathmatch that hearkens back to titles like Unreal Tournament where everyone has access to Quad Damage in the heat of the fight. This is especially when people want to take a break from Ranked play. However, it isn’t without its caveats.

Junker Queen received a list of buffs in the patch, including one unintended buff to her axe ability. The new patch adds a new ability to the axe’s cooldown: it is reduced by 2 seconds for each enemy it impacts. However, the cooldown can be triggered if you’re hitting breakable objects, turrets, or shields; this is obviously a bug. After all, with the amount of objects in the game, Junker Queen’s axe has little to no cooldown as a result.

The Battle For Olympus event will last from now until 19th January (PST).

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