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Vampire Survivors Cheats Guide

Vampire Survivors is one of 2022’s best games, featuring very addictive 2D gameplay and loads of builds to work on. It’s also a fun game to cheat with especially if you just want to clear some extra bits in the game that you don’t want to spend too much time on.

Here’s how you can cheat legitimately(?) in one of 2022’s finest.

How To Unlock Vampire Survivors Cheat Menu

You will need to access the Bone Zone and kill the Bone Orb. Killing the Bone Orb will net you the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane, which unlocks the cheats option on the main menu.

To kill the Bone Orb, you may need a speedy Vampire Survivors character with weapons you can manually aim. Characters like Pugnala, Marrabio, or Krochi are effective against the Bone Orb.

Vampire Survivors Cheat List


Main Menu Cheats

  • Unlock Exdash: x-x1viiq
  • Get 5,000 gold – Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Esc, Enter (works only once)


Character Cheats

  • Arca Ladonna: noneladonna
  • Porta Ladonna: vivaladonna
  • Lama Ladonna: superladonna
  • Poe Ratcho: strongestcharacter
  • Dommario: bioparco
  • Suor Clerici: faschiuma
  • Krochi Freetto: accidenti
  • Christine Davain: crystalmakeup
  • Yatta Cavallo: yattapanda
  • Bianca Ramba: carramba
  • O’Sole Meeo: reset
  • Sir Ambrojoe: languorino
  • Gyorunton: secondevolution
  • Big Trouser: earrivatolarrotino
  • Cosmo Pavone: lhovistoio
  • Boon Marrabbio: fettinepanate
  • Leda: iwillneverletyouforgetaboutme
  • Peppino: pinociampino
  • Gains Boros: highfive
  • Mask of the Red Death: ablasphemousmockery
  • Exdash: exdashexoneviiq
  • Toastie: tramezzini (only works if Exdash is unlocked)
  • Smith: maybeiamastallion (only works if Toastie is unlocked)
  • Pugnala Provola: flymetothemoon
  • Giovanna Grana: thetwoassassins
  • Poppea Pecorina: feldschlacht
  • Concetta Caciotta: ifeellovevenus
  • Iguana Gallo Valletto: waitreaction
  • Divano Thelma: quandolodicelui
  • Zi’Assunta Belpaese: paradigmshift
  • Queen Sigma: allatonce
  • (its name is randomised) – igottagettotheedgeofsoul


Stage Cheats

  • Il Molise: relaxenjoylife
  • Moongolow: honesty
  • Green Acres: dotgogreenacres
  • The Bone Zone: rottingpizza
  • Boss Rash: peakgamedesign
  • recycletheforest: unlocks Bat Country and the Hyper mode version


Relic Cheats

  • Grim Grimoire: thisshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefault
  • Ars Gouda: thistooshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefault
  • Milky Way Map: leadmetothecheese
  • Glass Vizard: eggseggseggs
  • Mindbender: teleportustomars
  • Randomazzo + Arcana VI: randomazzami
  • Great Gospel: icanhearthecriesofcaptainplanet
  • Magic Banger: thankelrond
  • Sorceress Tears: timecompression
  • Yellow Sign: ihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenit
  • tengillesbalm: unlocks Apoplexy relic
  • gottagofast: unlocks Chaos Malachite relic


Arcana Cheats

  • 0 – Game Killer: ilmatto
  • I – Gemini: ilbagatto
  • II – Twilight Requiem: lapapessa
  • III – Tragic Princess: limperatrice
  • IV – Awake: limperatore
  • V – Chaos in the Dark Night: ilpapa
  • VII – Iron Blue Will: ilcarro
  • VIII – Mad Groove: laforza
  • IX – Divine Bloodline: leremita
  • X – Beginning: laruota
  • XI – Waltz of Pearls: lagiustizia
  • XII – Out of Bounds: lappeso
  • XIII – Wicked Season: lamorte
  • XIV – Jail of Crystal: latemperanza
  • XV – Disco of Gold: ildiavolo
  • XVI – Slash: latorre
  • XVII – Lost & Found Painting: lastella
  • XVIII – Boogaloo of Illusions: laluna
  • XIX – Heart of Fire: ilsole
  • XX – Silent Old Sanctuary: ilgiudizio


Misc cheats

  • All weapons unlocked for level up options: everything
  • All five main stages and Hyper Mode unlocked: everywhere
  • Spin the UI for a bit: spinnn

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