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Octopath Traveler 2 Jobs Guide: How To Unlock Them All

In Octopath Traveler 2, each of the eight heroes in the JRPG starts off with a default class, or Jobs in this context. A Job determines a character’s abilities and skills, as well as what they can equip weapon-wise and what passive Support Skills they have access to.

Part 2 continues the tradition of letting players collect licenses for different Jobs which allows each party member to take up a secondary Job. Not only can they get extra skills but also more Support Skills, as well as open up multiclass and hybrid skill opportunities.

Gaining a secondary job changes the character’s appearance and lets them learn the Skills and Support Skills from their secondary job. The characters do not inherit the Path Actions or Talents of their secondary job; those are tied to the characters themselves. However, you need to search far and wide in the game’s world of Solistia to get the licenses for multiclass purposes.

Octopath Traveler 2 Jobs


Features & Weapons

  • This is Hikari’s primary Job.
  • Excels at physical attacks, as well as access to taunts and counters.
  • Weapons: Sword, Polearm

How To Get License: Get the Warrior License from the Warrior Guild at Sai, Hinoeuma.



Features & Weapons

  • This is Agnea’s primary Job.
  • Excels at buffing the party with support spells. Can lower enemy shield points easily with skills.
  • Weapons & Magic: Dagger, Wind

How To Get License: Get the Dancer License from the Dancer Guild at Wellgrove, Leaflands.



Features & Weapons

  • This is Partitio’s primary Job.
  • Great at sending BP to party members, have access to fire magic & attacks, can get money from enemies, can hire extra hired help for buffs and useful passives.
  • Weapon Type/Magic: Polearm, Bow, Fire

How To Get License: Get the Merchant License from the Merchant Guild at Western Crackridge Wilds, Wildlands.



Features & Weapons

  • This is Cassti’s primary Job.
  • Great healers, buffers, and debuffers. Can deal damage to enemies and poison them.
  • Weapon Type/Magic: Axe, Poison, Ice

How To Get License: Get the Apothecary License from the Apothecary Guild at COnning Creek, Harborlands.



Features & Weapons

  • This is Temenos’ primary Job.
  • Excellent healers and buffers, has access to Light magic.
  • Weapon Type/Magic: Staff, Light

How To Get License: Get the Cleric License from the Cleric Guild at Borderfall, Crestlands.



Features & Weapons

  • This is Ochette’s primary Job.
  • Excel at physical damage, can manipulate turn order and take advantage of broken foes.
  • Weapon Type/Magic: Axe, Bow, Lightning

How To Get License: Get the Hunter License from the Hunter Guild at Western Tropu’hopu Traverse, Toto’haha.



Features & Weapons

  • This is Osvald’s primary Job.
  • Excel at targeting all enemies with spells and has access to powerful elemental-based attacks.
  • Weapon Type/Magic: Staff, Lightning, Ice, Fire

How To Get License: Get the Scholar License from the Scholar Guild at Western Winterbloom Snows, Winterlands.



Features & Weapons

  • This is Throne’s primary Job.
  • Excels at buffing and debuffing friends and foes respectively. Can steal items from enemies
  • Weapon Type/Magic: Sword, Dagger, Dark

How To Get License: Get the Thief License from the Thief Guild at Clockbank, Brightlands.


Octopath Traveler 2 Secret Jobs

Just like Octopath Traveler 1, you can get secret Jobs that are powerful versions of the default Jobs you have access to. Here’s how you can get the Licenses for these Jobs; be warned that some of the challenges and boss fights accompanying these Job quests will not be easy. Maybe be around level 40-50 before attempting these secret Jobs.


Features & Weapons

  • Adaptable to any role.
  • Skills do not need SP.
  • Ability to control flow of combat.
  • Weapon Type: Sword, Axe

How To Get License: Get the Inventor License from Akar the Inventor at Eastern New Delsta Highroad, Brightlands.



Features & Weapons

  • Can use all weapon types.
  • Job skills can be unlocked by bringing rusty weapons to the blacksmith in Gravell, Wildlands.
  • Rusty weapons can turn into divine weapons that deal massive damage.
  • Weapon type: Sword, Dagger, Polearm, Axe, Bow, Staff

How To Get License: Bring rusty weapons to the blacksmith at Gravell, Wildlands. These weapons are usually in high-level areas that are behind bonus bosses in optional dungeons, so tread carefully.



Features & Weapons

  • Grants weapons of allies and additional element-based attack.
  • Provides great support; helps provide BP, SP, and healing with little SP.
  • Weapon Type/Magic: Staff

How To Get License: Complete Hikari’s story and climb the Five-Tiered Tower in Ku, Hinoeuma.



Features & Weapons

  • Can extend the reach of skills from self to all allies.
  • Can deal dark-based damage to foes + restore HP and SP to allies.
  • Weapon Type/Magic: Dagger, staff, Light, Dark

How To Get License: Get the Arcanist License from the Arcanist at The Lost Isle in the Sundering Sea.


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