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Remnant 2 New Video Showcases The Gunslinger Archetype & Skills

Remnant 2 is getting some good ol’ drip-feed video content courtesy of publisher Gearbox and developer Gunfire Games.

The first of the archtype reveals is the Gunslinger, the master of High Fire Rate, Weapon Handling, and Ammo Efficiency. The Gunslinger loves his guns and firing enemies in the best and most efficient way possible. Here’s a breakdown:

Remnant 2 Gunslinger Skills & Perks

Prime Perk: Loaded

When activating any Gunslinger Skill, both weapons are instantly reloaded, and gain infinite reserve ammo on all weapons for 15 seconds.

Archetype Trait: Ammo Reserves

Increases Ammo Reserves by 6% at Level 1. Goes up higher with each level, with Level 10 being +100%.


Quick Draw

Pull out your trusty side piece and unload up to 6 rounds from the hip dealing 93 damage per shot.
Press: instantly fires towards all enemies in view within 25m. Upon release, rounds will be divided evenly among all targets.
Hold & Release: Aims the weapon manually, allowing full control of all shots fired.
Cooldown: 42.3 seconds.


Calls upon the power of the Desert Sidewinder snake to increase ADS movement speed and Draw/Swap Speed by 50%. Cycling weapons will automatically reload incoming Firearm. Lasts 20s.
Cooldown: 47 seconds


Unleashes the full power and speed of the Gunslinger. Traditional Firearms become fully-automatic. Bows and Crossbows gain 50% increased Projectile Speed and 25% Critical Chance. Increases Fire Rate 20% and Reload Speed 50%. Lasts 20s.
Cooldown: 56.4 seconds.

All these skills are from the pre-alpha build of the game, so these may change in the final version of the title. Check out the trailer below.

Remnant 2 has no release date set, but it’s coming out for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series.

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