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Street Fighter 6: Ken Move List & Guide

Street Fighter 6 is coming out on 2nd June, which is just less than a month away. As such, the game’s roster for its launch is set with 18 characters, each with their various playstyles.

In this entry, we’ll be focusing on Ken, a former US National Fighting Champ, and ex-VP of the Masters Foundation. The yang to Ryu’s yin.

Note: This guide is still in development.
All inputs are in numpad notations. For example, Hadouken from player 1’s starting side is 236P.
Attack buttons are as follows: LP, MP, HP are light punch, medium punch, and heavy punch respectively. LK, MK, and HK are light kick, medium kick, and heavy kick respectively. None of this Fierce or Roundhouse bulls*** in Asia. 

Credits: Fighting Game Anniversaries, WoolieVS, FlawlessDeku, Capcom, Reversal




Ken is one of the main characters in the Street Fighter series and is known for his fiery Shoryuken uppercut and powerful Hadoken fireball techniques. He is often portrayed as Ryu’s best friend and rival, and the two characters share many similar moves but with slight variations.

For instance, he has a dedicated “run button” (KK) that changes the properties of his special moves like his Shoryuken. He has his “Crazy Kicks” that has a ton of mixups (low, overhead, etc.), and has more options for cancelling his moves. If you want a Shoto but with more variables in their attacks, Ken is the one to main.

Play If: You love rushdown in your all-rounder character, love combos and running to danger.

Avoid If: You prefer playing defensively, you don’t like playing mind games.




Hadoken: 236LP 236MP 236HP 236PP. Fire a ki blast directly forward. Slightly worse than Ryu’s fireball due to recovery rates but still useful. The OD version doesn’t knock down but can lead to corner juggles when used after 5MP/HP Target combo.

Shoryuken: 623LP 623MP 623HP 623PP. Leap into the sky with a devastating uppercut, this is a great anti-air special.LP Shoryuken gets its full damage on a single hit, while MP and HP can lose damage on high connects. 

Dragonslash Kick: 623LK 623MK 623HK 623KK. A leaping roundhouse kick that pulls your opponent toward you. An extremely versatile move that can be used to launch surprise attacks from mid-range. Used as a way to continue your offensive pressure or in combos. 

Jinrai Kick: 236LK 236MK 236HK 236KK. Jinrai is a forward-moving spinning roundhouse kick that can be followed up by one of four different kicks; Kazekama Shin Kick, Gorai Axe kick, Senka Snap kick and KasaiThrust kick.

Kazekama Shin Kick: 236K~6LK. A low kick performed from the Jinrai Kick that cannot be blocked while standing. Good against opponents who try to move after your Jinrai.

Gorai Axe Kick: 236K~6MK. An axe kick performed also from the Jinrai Kick but this one cannot be blocked while crouching. Useful against opponents who try to stiffen their guard against your Jinrai Kick.

Senka Snap Kick: 236K~6HK. A roundhouse that can be used to combo from your Jinrai Kick. Effective when used to make a combo after landing a Jinrai Kick. This is one of the best enders for standing opponents. 

Kasai Thrust Kick: 236KK~6LK~6K. A known down ender that can only be performed following any type of OD Jinrai Kick. Helpful for slipping through your opponents guard for additional damage.

Tatsumaki Senpu-Kyaku: 214LK 214MK 214HK 214KK. Tatsu’’s are mainly used for corner carry while maintaining oki. 214LK is great for close range confirms. 214K has greater corner carry only if the first hit connects on a crouching opponent. 214MK is the most consistent ender, with excellent knockdown advantage. 214KK also has surprising far range and high juggle potential.

Aerial Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku: 214K 214KK. Aerial Tatsu is good for changing Ken’s jump timing and making it harder for an opponent to hit you. This can only be done from a forward jump.


Dragonlash Flame: 214214K. Launch your opponent into the sky and then perform a series of kicks while airborne. This move is invincible at the beginning and you and your opponent will switch positions upon completion.

Shippu Jinrai-kyaku: 236236K. A flurry of 5 kicks followed with a rising Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku. 

Shinryu Reppa: 236236P. A one-two Shoryuken combination followed by one final mighty Shoryuken with an added spin to it. If the first hit misses, a single additional Shoryuken will come out afterward.


Quick Dash: KK. Swiftly sprint a set distance forward. Can perform special moves while running; they have different properties. Example: Shoryuken has more hits and has forward momentum when performed during Quick Dash.

Emergency Stop: KK~LK. Performed during Quick Dash, this maneuver will make you stop dead in your tracks.

Thunder Kick: KK~MK. An overhead attack performed from Quick Dash that cannot be blocked while crouching.

Forward Step Kick: KK~HK. A forward kick with longer reach that is performed from Quick Dash.

Triple Flash Kicks:  5MK~4MK. Ken’s forward moving triple kicks all with longer reach. 

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