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Street Fighter 6: Marisa Move List & Guide

Street Fighter 6 is coming out on 2nd June, which is just less than a month away. As such, the game’s roster for its launch is set with 18 characters, each with their various playstyles.

In this entry, we’ll be focusing on Marisa, the Italian powerhouse who has her own colosseum and LARPing Roman gladiator group.

Note: This guide is still in development.
All inputs are in numpad notations. For example, Hadouken from player 1’s starting side is 236P.
Attack buttons are as follows: LP, MP, HP are light punch, medium punch, and heavy punch respectively. LK, MK, and HK are light kick, medium kick, and heavy kick respectively. None of this Fierce or Roundhouse bulls*** in Asia. 

Info & video credits: Fighting Game Anniversaries, WoolieVS, FlawlessDeku, Capcom, Reversal


Street Fighter 6 Marisa Overview

Marisa is a powerful character and is built like a brick s***house. As such, she has armour moves that can withstand a hit or two, while her offence & hard-hitting pokes just blow opponents away. Think Street Fighter’s Boxer but with Zangief armour (or Killer Instinct 2013’s Tusk); perfect for dealing with random Drive Impacts from opponents and bullying them for making wrong choices.

Marisa’s best skill for counterattacking opponents is Scutum. She covers her head with both arms like a guard move and tanks hits while countering them automatically. This leaves her in a +3 frame advantage.

You can follow Scutum up with either a high attack, a low kick, or a command grab. Note that you have to keep the K button held to keep the Scutum stance.

Her Super Arts also come with armour properties; use her Level 1 Super to tank through slow recovery neutrals & attacks from opponents. Her Level 3 brings opponents straight to any corner, leaving her at an advantage especially if you can spring up Scutum mind games.

Play If: You like getting dirty with counterattacks, you want to power through random Drive Impacts.

Avoid If: You prefer pure rush down characters, don’t like taking hits, or prefer zoning.


Street Fighter 6 Marisa Move List

Special Moves

Gladius: 236P. Straight punch. Hold P for powered-up 2-hit version.

Dimachaerus: 214P > 6P.

Phalanx: 623P. Superman punch. Allows you to move first even if it’s blocked.

Quadriga: 236K.

Scutum: 214K. Stance move. Hold to maintain stance. Counterattacks automatically if you’re hit with high attacks in this stance. Can follow up with:

  • P>P for follow-up attack.
  • K for low attack with far reach.
  • LP+LP (Throw input) for surprise command throw.

Super Arts

Javelin of Marisa: 236236P. Hold button to change effect. Has armour and can power through most moves.

Meteorite: 214214P. Good anti-air attack.

Goddess of the Hunt: 236236K. Carries opponents to wall automatically. Counters projectiles too.

Unique Attacks

Marisa Style: Hold HP or HK, then release.

Light Two Hitter: LP>LP. Target combo.

Medium Two Hitter: MP>MP. Target combo, can cancel into special moves.

Volare Combo: During Jump, MP>MP. Similar to M.Bison’s 2-hit jump attack, but last hit knocks down opponent to ground.

Caelum Arc: Neutral Jump, 2HP.

Magna Bunker: 4HP.

Novacula Thrust: 6MP>HK

Malleus Breaker: 3HP>3HP

Falx Crusher: 6HK>6HK

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