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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Queen’s Blood Guide: The Best Cards & Decks

After so many weeks with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, we’ve come to a revelation: its new card minigame Queen’s Blood is f***ing amazing.

In fact, it’s better than the long-running Final Fantasy card game Triple Triad, to the point where we would love to see a Queen’s Blood standalone game with more of that Square Enix polish. The minigame even has its own sidequest complete with flashbacks and all, for the love of all that is Holy (Materia).

Even after completing Final Fantasy VII Rebirth a while back, we still keep replaying the game and coming back to this addictive card game which is a combination of increasing position ranks/pips (to play better cards), taking over spaces, and racking up a high score for all three rows (or the majority of it).

Of course, one cannot win Queen’s Blood without good cards. Here’s a list of what you need to put you in the winner’s seat, or at least build a deck around it.


Queen’s Blood: The Best Cards To Own & Find


Why? The Mandragora is the definition of a cheap push card. It can help with early and mid-game matches by spawning a Mandragora minion with decent opener spaces. You can earn a quick position flip with these two.

How To Get: Go to Kalm (Chapter 2) and get the QB Booster Pack: Ruffians from the item vendor.



Why? This big bird is a decent +3 power buffer in the mid and late part of the game. It can also sneak a push for a bottom lane, letting you combo with a good bottom lane-priority card that’s at least a 2-rank or so.

How To Get: Go to Junon (Chapter 4) and win this from a QB player named Zogan. Your default deck should be sufficient for this early foe.


Chocobo & Moogle

Why? This is a cheap card with +1 for every enhanced allied card; a cheaper Ifrit.

How To Get: Go to Kalm (Chapter 2) and finish A Rare Card Lost side quest.



Why? Gets +2 for every enhanced allied card. Get your buffs out with cheaper cards, then save a 3-rank spot and play this bad boy at the late game.

How To Get: Win the QB Tournament on the ship Shinra-8 during Chapter 5 by defeating Red XIII in “human form”. This means playing the entire tournament and not forfeiting at all; you can still buy booster packs before each QB fight if you’re lacking in firepower.


Fat Chocobo

Why? An expensive card with great utility, provided you can build some rank on the bottom row second on the left. This big bird is worth building a deck around.

How To Get: Go to Grasslands (Chapter 2) and buy it from Thorin’s Card Shop after finishing the A Rare Card Lost side quest.


Chocobo Jockey

Why? Chocobos in QB do have some fancy skills and buffs, and this card in particular lets you snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Basically if you play this on a winning lane, you get 10 points free. Just make sure your chosen lane is all but assured for a slight win.

How To Get: Go to Gold Saucer – Chocobo Square (Chapter 8 onward) and buy this card from the vendor nearby for 150GP. You can get GP from the plethora of minigames there.


Insectoid Chimera

Why? Replacement cards are useful since they can take over existing cards you’ve played and can surprise-snatch positions when needed. The Insectoid Chimera can occupy positions around it, so keep it as a trump card of sorts when you’ve played your fair share of cards and your opponent seems to creep up on the board with their own position rank pieces.

How To Get: Go to Cosmo Canyon (Chapter 10) and win this card from a QB player named Robin.


Reno & Rude

Why? It’s cool to have Turks in your deck, especially ones who are only cost 1 rank to play. The best are both Reno and Rude who can buff two spots for their low, low-rank cost. If you have them in your opening hand, your chances at victory are pretty high.

How To Get: Go to Grasslands at Chapter 12/13; buy them at Thorin’s Card Shop after finishing the A Rare Card Lost side quest.


Best Queen’s Blade Deck

Early Game

This deck is built around Chocobo & Moogle’s self-buff ability, with easy-to-get cards (if you finish A Rare Card Lost sidequest).

Cactuar x2
Crystalline Crab x2
Ignilisk x2
Scrutineye x2
Chocobo & Moogle
Mu x2/Quetzalcoatl x2
Zemzelett x2
Magic Pot/Ifrit


Mid/Late Game

This deck is built around the Chocobo Jockey. Stack huge amounts of power into one lane so that the Chocobo Jockey and Maloceros’ abilities activate! Play the Mandragora on the top lane, then the Titan in the mid lane, then use the J-Unit Sweeper int he second slot mid-lane.

Mandragora x2
Crystalline Crab x2
Spearhawk x2
J-Unit Sweeper
Quetzalcoatl x2
Chocobo Jockey
Mythril Golem
Griffon x2


Late Game Powerhouse

This deck uses late-game cards like Bahamut and Dyne for total table domination and enemy card removal. Play Cid on the bottom-left corner, then the Tiny Bronco at the top-left corner. Then play Disgorgon next to the Tiny Bronco and amass your rank for your power plays!

Archdragon x1
Death Claw x2
Toxirat x2
Disgorgon x2
Anuran Suppressor
Gi Specter x2

Tonberry Chicken Deck (by Trueblade Seeker)

Play around Tonberry King and Skeeskee to get them powered up via killing ally cards.

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