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Holo X Break Guide: How To Win In This VTuber-Filled 2D Beat-Em-Up

Holo X Break is the latest free game featuring Hololive VTubers. In it, you pick one of the four VTubers -Polka, Botan, Lamy, Nene- as they beat up all sorts of bad guys wearing X masks, as well as enemy VTubers as bosses. It’s a 2D pixel art game with a roguelite feel to it; you level up your character slowly and gain new skills as a result, and the challenge escalates past the first few stages.

Just like an old-school beat-em-up, Holo X Break is really tough and cheap. Fortunately, we have a guide here to help you out; this guide is especially useful if you’re playing solo.


Holo X Break Guide

The Best VTuber To Start Out Solo With

After checking out all the characters in the game, the top picks when you’re playing solo and are trying out Holo X Break the first are:

  • Omaru Polka
  • Yukihana Lamy

Botan and Nene are good, but better as support roles and keepaway than actual damage-dealing characters who can hold their own. Polka has skills that summon objects for her and her party to use as beat-em-up weapons. Lamy has a chargeable AoE skill that helps with crowd control. Both Polka and Lamy’s screen-clearing Ultimates are useful in dealing with the eventual crowd, as well as give them some invincibility.

As for the unlockable characters once you’ve finished the game the first time, the best ones are:

  • Takane Lui
  • La+ Darknesss

Darknesss is a “boss” character and has great attacks and skills to get through levels unscathed. Takane Lui is just a better Botan, and has a more useful B skill. Plus, they both have quicker charge time compared to the rest of the cast.

The Best Stats To Level Up

In Holo X Break, you can use equip gear that boosts your stats. But the most important ones to focus on are:

  • Attack
  • Criticals
  • HP

Damage-dealing and survivability are useful in a beat-em-up using RPG mechanics. So dealing damage, buffing up the chance you can cause double or triple damage, and adding more life to your Hit Points increases your chances of winning the game in multiple runs.

The Best Equipment

Speaking of stats-boosting, these equipment should be sought after and prioritized during your run:

  • Happi Coat: Gives you autoheal.
  • Boxing Gloves: Boosts your normal attacks and power attacks.
  • Nurse Horn: Triggers healing for each time you get a critical hit in.

Keep Yukimin Alive

When you get fans following you, it’s important to keep some of them alive. Yukimin is one such helpful fan as it drops healing orbs on occasion, which heal you. Keep them alive as much as you can.

Use Your Dodge 24/7

You have a dodge button that has no cooldown. Use it; the enemies will dogpile you and act faster than you. So have your finger on the dodge button to avoid unnecessary damage.

Spend Your Money Only On Equipment

Every run in Holo X Break will net you more items than you need. So it’s best to spend money on more permanent tools like your equipment and gear.

The Toughest Mobs? A Whale & A Bunch Of Mages

We’re not joking: the toughest mobs to deal with are Chloe Orca whales and Holo X mages who cast ice. The former shoots bubbles that cover a good chunk of the screen, or just ram you at full speed. Orcas can activate super armour whenever they do these skills, so it might take a while to deal with them if you have bigger mobs supporting it.

The latter can cast ice and freezelock you if it hits you. This means mobs can just end your run while you’re frozen if you didn’t clear them out previously.

Each Boss Has Three Weaknesses You Can Exploit

The bosses in Holo X Break have three things they habitually do:

  • They have extremely telegraphed attacks which you can avoid easily since you have a spammable dodge button.
  • They always attack after being knocked down. This means you can just move out of the way, wait for their attacks, then head in and damage them again.
  • They take damage during their Super Armor special move phases. With some exceptions, most bosses can be damaged while they’re standing still launching their attacks while in Super Armor mode.


Boss Fight Video Guide

VTuber Special Moves

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