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Need For Speed Unbound Is Current-Gen Only, Launches This December: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Rampage-Like Terror Of Hemasaurus Gets Release Dates Across Platforms: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // New Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Paldean Journey Trailer Features Photo Mode & More Terastallized Forms: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Battlefield 2042 Can’t Catch A Break; Delays First Season

To say that the latest Battlefield game is a huge disappointment for 2021 is basically calling the sky blue at this point. The series has been in the doldrums for a while since Battlefield 4, arguably so. And the disappointments just keep on coming; Battlefield 2042's first season has been pushed back from Spring 2022 to Early Summer 2022 (via t...

Hololive VTuber Minato Aqua Will Star In A Game Of Her Own

VTubers are getting so popular to the point that they'll be starring in their own games. Minato Aqua will be leading the charge, as developer Entergram will develop and publish a console game starring the pink-haired VTuber who is known for her virtual maid persona and clumsiness. No specific console or platform has been announced yet; there's e...

Halo Infinite’s Worst Map Is Removed From Ranked Play

Effective today, 343 Industries will be addressing an arguably major complaint in Halo Infinite's online play. Players will not see the Capture The Flag mode on Halo Infinite's Behemoth map in ranked playlists. Many players have complained that this combination is the least-popular one for the past month or so since it appeared on the playlist. ...

Halo Infinite Has Over 20 Million Players Fragging Each Other

Halo Infinite has, and will be, going places. During the Microsoft second quarter earnings call this week, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said the game has been played by over 20 million players since its Xbox, PC, and Game Pass release last December. Its racing game Forza Horizon 5 also has attracted 18 million players since its launch last Novemb...

Watch 10 Minutes Of Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem Going Trigger Happy

Devolver Digital and developers Croteam and Timelock Studio have released first-ever gameplay of its upcoming first-person shooter Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem. The gameplay features a good 10 minutes of Sam doing what he does best: walking, running, killing every moving freak he sees with his weapons, and making groan-worthy quips while doing s...

This Week’s Borderlands 3 Black Market Vending Machine Features One Of The Best SMGs

You may want to take a trip down to this week's Borderlands 3 Maurice's Black Market Vending Machine, especially if you're a fan of farming Legendary SMGs. Maurice Black Market Vending Machine For 21 January 2022 This week's machine is located at Eden-6 in the Voracious Canopy, the same area where you fought GenIVIV. Make your way through the pla...

[Rumour] Ghostwire Tokyo Will Be Out This March

Bethesda and Tango Gamework's latest first-person action-horror title Ghostwire: Tokyo might be out pretty soon. According to a recent PlayStation Store page leak (via MP1st), the Ghostwire: Tokyo page has its release date updated to 24 March. Originally, the game is slated for a Spring 2022 release for PS5 and PC. Ghostwire: Tokyo is about y...

Rainbow Six: Extraction Seems Like A Decent Co-Op Shooter In Spite Of Its Premise

Platform(s): PC (version played), Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5 Genre: Co-op PvE first-person shooter with military guns and aliens(?) under the Tom Clancy brand(??) Sometimes I wonder what they're smoking at the Tom Clancy estate; surely the license holders would not greenlight a story where a bunch of realistic military operatives are pitte...

S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2: Heart Of Chernobyl Delayed To 8 December

The upcoming first-person shooter adventure title S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl will be delayed from its 28 April release date. GSC Game World announced that it will be delayed a couple more months, at least until 8 December. This is due to the developers tweaking and polishing the game to a near-perfect state. Full message below (via Twi...

Far Cry 6’s Pagan Min DLC Will Be Out Next Week

Ubisoft has announced that its next Far Cry 6 DLC will be out soon this month. The DLC, Pagan Min: Control, will be out on 11 January and is part of the Far Cry 6 Season Pass for PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4. "Players will embody Pagan Min, the iconic villain from Far Cry 4, in a brand-new experience inspired by the roguelite genr...

Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer Is A Blast From The Past Made Great By The Present

Platform(s): PC (version reviewed), Xbox Series Genre: Multiplayer first-person shooter with a campaign mode coming soon Halo Infinite and its first-person shooter multiplayer PvP gameplay remind us why it's good to go back to basics, albeit with a lot more sprucing up to make it fit this generation. Because what isn't broken doesn't need much ...

Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai Event: How To Score Cool Samurai Armour

343 Industries just started a new Halo Infinite multiplayer event called Fracture: Tenrai. It's basically a limited-time playlist filled with nothing but Slayer PvP battles where you get random weapons when you start/respawn. The prizes? The samurai armour you see in this article's feature image. The event will run from now until 30th November; ...

Filipino PvP Shooter Project Xandata Is Out In Open Beta Right Now

Filipino-made online shooter Project Xandata is out in open beta. The game is a skill-based team-focused 3v3 shooter by veteran developer Secret 6. You can customize your character and choose between a number of base classes: Agent, Marksman, and Juggernaut. You also get 9 weapons with various perks to match your playstyle. In addition, the g...

13 Upcoming Old-School Shooters To Lock Your Aim On

Old-school shooters, retro shooters, boomer shooters. Whatever you call them, first-person shooters inspired by the 90s have been making a comeback in the last few years. Some of these are revivals of classics like Doom and Wolfenstein with fancy graphics and a modernized feel, while many others like Dusk, Amid Evil, and Project Warlock emulate the...

Battlefield 2042 Will Not Have Voice Chat At Launch

Voice communication is essential in a team-based shooter like the Battlefield series. So it's a bit strange that the upcoming Battlefield 2042, a game where you play in a 32-player filled arena (or more), is not launching with squad VOIP. According to EA, voice chat support is coming ASAP, but developer DICE is working on the assumption that coo...

Latest Call Of Duty: Vanguard Update Wipes Mid-Level Saves, But Adds More Stuff

Sledgehammer Games has released a new Call of Duty: Vanguard and will be adding a fix to the game's recent code redemption issues. Players who couldn't redeem codes for XP bonuses, Calling Cards, and Emblems should be able to do so in this update. The game's Combat Shield now provides cover when placed on a player's back. Operator Challenges do ...

Black-And-White Shooter Kingdom Of The Dead Will Be Out Next January

Indie developer DIRIGO Games and publisher HOOK will be releasing its upcoming stylized first-person shooter Kingdom Of The Dead in a few months. Kingdom Of The Dead, which blends old school FPS action with a unique black-and-white pen-and-ink aesthetic, will be out for PC on 26th January 2022 (via Steam). It's looking rather spiffy if you're in...

Deathloop’s Framerate Stuttering Is Now Fixed

Arkane has just released a big update for its hit shooter Deathloop.  The update is 11GB on PC and it fixes the frustrating frame rate skipping issue. It also adds NVidia DLSS support and a number of bug fixes. Here's a list: Improved performance and stability, especially with ray tracing. Improved NPC pathing and reactions to the pla...

New Call of Duty: Vanguard Story Trailer Gets All Serious & Action-Heavy

Activision just released its new story trailer for its upcoming multiplayer World War 2 soldier-filled shootfest Call of Duty: Vanguard. It's basically filled with all the action movie tropes you expect from a blockbuster Hollywood film depicting their fantastical version of World War 2, right down to the gruff British voiceover gathering the be...

First Person Shooter Showdown of 2021: Which One Shows The Most Promise?

To claim that first-person shooter gamers are blessed this year would be an understatement. Come the final two months of 2021, we have three major FPS titles coming our way instead of the customary one or two we've been getting these past couple of years. On 5th November, Call of Duty: Vanguard drops while Battlefield 2042 swoops in two weeks after...

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