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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes – 11 Tips To Get Ahead In This JRPG

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is out right now, and is the best 90s JRPG you can play right now. If you love fixed save points, tough boss battles, a 100 or so heroes you can recruit and form an uber party with, Rabbit & Bear Studio’s latest game will sort you out.

Even if you’re new to the genre, Eiyuden Chronicle is unlike any JRPG in the current generation, as it carries the 90s with its, mechanics, quirks, and all. You might have trouble getting the hang of the game, so here are some tips to help you out.


Also, if you rather find out where ALL the heroes are, head to this feature instead!


#1. Turn On “Converse Resources” For Fast Auto Battle Farming

You will get to a point in the game where you can just murder enemies quickly with your normal attacks. To speed up the process of farming enemies for gold/baqua and items, just head to the Tactics screen in the options, toggle “Conserve Resource” and “Conserve to 5SP” so that when your party auto battles, they’ll just use regular attacks.


#2. Need Money? Start Trading!

Screencap (or take a photo of) the trading buy/sell menu at the Trading Houses in the world so that you know what to buy and sell. Buy low (red), sell high (blue). One of the heroes in the game require you to net 50,000 in trading, so start doing this early as soon as you have a few 1,000 baqua to spare. If you manage to unlock fast travel 10 hours in the game (via a certain magical girl), this would make trading much more viable mid-game.


#3. Need More Money? Bring Janquis As Your Support!

Lady Perielle’s butler Janquis is not only a dapper fellow, but is a great Support unit who doubles the money you earn after battle. He’s a great addition to any party if you’re planning on grinding and farming.


#4. Need More Resources? Build Guilds in your HQ

Guilds are a must for resource farming. Be sure to recruit the fisherman first to open up the HQ build tree that leads to Guilds.


#5. You Can Skip Cutscenes!

Press and hold the circle button on your PS5 controller (or the equivalent on others) to skip scenes you’ve seen.


#6. Go For The Monster Chest Gimmicks

In certain random battles, there will be a chest that pops up in the middle and at the rear. Do take your time and get that chest open to get that item; it’s usually pertaining to a character recruitment quest or a valuable item that’s worth selling that you can’t get anywhere else. If your team can auto-battle their way out of a fight, just have them defend and have the last member open the chest.


#7. Running Too Slow? Get The Dash Boots!

You can get these useful accessories early in the game: explore the Abandoned Mine, in the last area of the dungeon.

You’ll need this to either run around really quick on the world map, as well as to recruit a certain character in the game who loves to run.


#8. Low-Level Characters Will Catch Up With Your Current Level Characters

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes’ experience system is pretty nifty for low-level characters. If you have, say, level 40 characters in your party and you have a level 10 character, that level 10 character will get more XP to catch up with the rest after one or two encounters. Certain characters need to fight one-on-one in some quests, so this is pretty useful to do if you need to buff a low-level hero quick. Just make sure they’re in the back row and get a revive potion ready in case they get caught in a crossfire.


#9. You Can Place Story Characters In The Attendant Slot

Throughout the game’s story, you will have to bring certain story characters on board. If you feel like they don’t contribute anything to the table and are useless in a boss fight (like Kallathor), just put them in the Attendant slot in the Party Formation screen. Then fill up the vacant front/rear slot with someone more useful.


#10. Store Your Items In The Warehouse

You will end up getting more loot than you can carry through the course of the game. We suggest dumping all your extra gear at the warehouse (Sumire) so that you have at least 15 to 10 slots available. There are heroes you can recruit who can bump up your storage space, so do keep that in mind when you’re out venturing for a particular task.


#11. Take Your Time!

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is a JRPG passion project years in the making. There’s a lot to do here and loads of heroes to recruit to your cause. There are so many hero combinations you can try out, as well as a ton of minigames to make baqua out of, or just get immersed in. So take your time exploring the world you’re in.


We have one more protip, but this one’s a bit spoiler-ish.


#11. If You Recruit All Heroes, You Can Get One Bonus Character

Throughout the course of the story, you bump into Nowa’s sister Leene. She’s the last character you can recruit, but only if you recruit all 114 heroes. Yep, the title is a bluff: there are more than 100 heroes who can aid your cause.

Also, the cut-off period of when you can get this person to your group is late in the game, before the final big battle at your HQ. Be sure to recruit all heroes before triggering this, otherwise, you cannot recruit Leene. Use Bbbaba’s divination to make sure there are no more heroes left to search and recruit.


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