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Community Gets A Movie, 6 Seasons Later: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Goat Simulator 3 Is Coming To Fortnite: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // The Callisto Protocol Stars Karen Fukuhara From The Boys: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Street Fighter 6 Playable At This Year’s EGX Festival In The UK

Japan's Tokyo Game Show 2022 isn't the only place where Street Fighter 6 will be playable. This year's gaming expo in UK, EGX 2022, will feature a Capcom booth where Street Fighter 6 will be playable for the public. The booth will have 32 demo stations and will feature the following playable characters: Ryu Chun-Li Jamie Luke Gu...

Here’s How A Full Street Fighter 6 Match Plays Out

Update(16/6/2022): New Guile match added. The match is from a CapcomTV! segment and features Guile's new moves and battle damage in-game. https://youtu.be/W9e_UHpZfrI Original story The Summer Game Festival this week is showcasing a ton of Street Fighter 6 at its offline in-person gathering in Los Angeles. And we now have a first look at h...

[Rumour] Here Is The Current Street Fighter 6 Roster So Far, Featuring Old Favourites Returning

Hours after the new Street Fighter 6 came out, along comes a 4chan post from an anonymous user who uploads the majority of the roster for the game. The mix of names from the leaked images on 4chan and on Twitter (via @zero_setsu) feature a number of returning characters and new fighters in the sixth mothership game. These include a new version o...

Street Fighter 5 Definitive Update Adds New Combos, Balances, And Cel-Shading

In a surprise announcement, Capcom will be adding a "Definitive Update" to Street Fighter 5, the 2016 2D fighting game that only got better after its subpar launch. This new update will be the game's final batch of major balance changes. These include new expanded combo routes for characters like Ibuki, Alex, Menat, Juri, and Ryu, as well as new...

A Brief History Of Street Fighter Fanservice For Both Men & Women

People who saw the teaser for Street Fighter 6 probably had a few things in their mind: the placeholder logo, the confirmed addition of Luke and Ryu in the roster, and the semi-realistic CGI. For a good number of thirsty folks, they're enamoured by Ryu's new physique in SF6's latest teaser. I especially like how Capcom marketing team is banking ...

Street Fighter 6 Announced

The Capcom Pro Tour Finals livestream has shared its best info dump for last: the reveal of Capcom's latest fighting game title. It's Street Fighter 6, to nobody's surprise. Still, it's a welcomed one. The teaser showcases Ryu and Luke (from SF5) about to duke it out. There's also the official logo for the sequel which features the letters "s", ...

Guess Who The Top 5 Most-Used Characters In Street Fighter 5 Are?

Capcom recently released a character usage stats page for August 2021, which shows the most-used character as of late. The results may not shock you. While Ryu is number one, Akira Kazama from Rival Schools/Project Justice is the second most-used character. And she was released on 16th August, so it took less than a month for her to climb up ...

The Best BFFs In Video Game History

Stories and world-saving antics come and go, but friendships last forever. And video game culture has a ton of that going on; mostly the hetero-for-life kind. To celebrate International Friendship Day this week, let's bring up our favourite BFFs in gaming. Marcus Fenix & Dom Santiago (Gears of War Series) Bros until the end, at least i...

Top Street Fighter World Warrior Tested Positive For COVID-19 [Update]

Update (22 May, 9:53am): Daigo is now released from the hospital following this. He's doing fine right now thanks to the nurses and doctors who took care of the World Warrior. https://twitter.com/daigothebeast/status/1395920651354005508 https://twitter.com/daigothebeast/status/1395935157513768960 Original story (8 May, 2021) Daigo Umeha...

SoundScape: Why Do These Street Fighter Themes Sound Top Tier?

Capcom's Street Fighter fighting game series are legendary and genre-defining title. Not only because of its gameplay and tight controls, and not only for its colourful roster and attention to game balancing (at least from Street Fighter III: Third Strike onward). It's also because the games boast some of the most iconic music and sounds ever. From...

This Street Fighter 5 Tier List For 2021 Might Be Controversial…[Update]

Just because your main characters in a fighting game received a ton of buffs & changes doesn't mean their match-ups may have improved somewhat. That's what  Topanga TV in Japan has assessed based on its recent Street Fighter 5 tier list. Top Japanese fighting game pro Mago posted the list on Twitter, and it may be causing the fighting gam...

How Is Street Fighter 5’s V-Shift System & Latest Update? It’s Definitely Buffing Up An OG World Warrior…

Street Fighter 5's Season 5 pass is now available for purchase, featuring Dan as one of the "new" characters in the game. The release also means a new update of the game's battle mechanics; now players have access to a defensive option called V-Shift. In a nutshell, the V-Shift lets you use up V-meter to perform an invincible parry backdash move...

Here’s Another “Best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters To Play” List

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a game title that speaks for itself. It's the 'Ultimate' version of the series because, well, it's got pretty much everything. It's packed with over 800 songs and more than 100 stages. And the number of playable characters? A dizzying 74 fighters, all with their own specialized movesets. With so many characters to c...

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