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Here’s How A Full Street Fighter 6 Match Plays Out

Update(16/6/2022): New Guile match added. The match is from a CapcomTV! segment and features Guile’s new moves and battle damage in-game.

Original story

The Summer Game Festival this week is showcasing a ton of Street Fighter 6 at its offline in-person gathering in Los Angeles. And we now have a first look at how a full match of the 1v1 fighting game plays out.

Content creators such as Skill Up and Vincenzo Lettera had a few matches in the game, and so far the reactions have been positive. Not only does the game look good but it plays well with its Drive Gauge system and Punish Counters (an attack that hits during the recovery frame of an opponent’s whiffed attack). On the HUD itself, the left side is represented with red while the right is blue as mentioned previously.

Other new elements include new indicators popping up during a match like “Hard Knockdown” and the aforementioned “Punish Counter”. And just like past games, when a round is over, everyone’s back to their starting neutral positions at the centre of the stage.

If you zoom in at the first photo of Skill Up next to the demo version of Street Fighter 6, you can see below the Versus option that there’s a Team Battle option. This means that tag team showcase in the trailer isn’t just for show: it’s an actual part of the game.

The game’s move list screen seems to have a demo video associated with each move. Here’s one with Chun-Li’s move list; so far the game will have each character have multiple Super Arts accessible at one go rather than just have 1 available like the last two games.

Here’s a Super and Super Arts compilation from Arekkz Gaming’s channel. So far the video features all Supers from Ryu, Chun-Li, Jamie, and Luke:

It’s clearly a tad too early what with only 4 playable characters, but the buzz around the game seems positive. The game seems to contain a lot of old and a lot of new features and mechanics that all turn into something concise. Fighting game video maker Maximillian seem to state that the game is reminiscent of Resident Evil 2 Remake; it’s clearly RE2 but it’s something new.

Street Fighter 6 will be out in 2023 for PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4. The game’s online mode will feature rollback netcode and will have crossplay among all platforms.


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