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Shanghai Dragons revealed their Overwatch League roster earlier today along with a short trailer featuring the players via YouTube and we are instantly perturbed by the lack of DPS in the list. Take a look.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 3.18.01 pm

Building on the backbone of LGD players - Fang “Undead” Chao, Cheng “Altering” Yage and Wu “MG” Dongjian, the team’s only other DPS is Lu “Diya” Weida formerly of Vici Gaming. Our gut feeling that LGD players to feature heavily in the setup was spot on; however is lesser than expected. We suspect age restrictions as well as visa issues may play a big part in the final composition but does not take away the fact that it is an impressive lineup to boot. Our only complaint is that these guys need to bump up their posing game:

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