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The Shanghai Dragons have moved swiftly to discipline two of its players, Chao “Undead” Fang and Junjie “Xushu” Liu for violating Blizzard’s code of conduct pertaining to account use and possibly by doing so, avoided further (and much sterner) action from the Overwatch League. The full explanation and chronology of events can be found below:

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What is most surprising from this issue – even more than the fact that some of these players are account sharing – was that some have an SR rating not deemed enough to allow them to double queue together. Following changes to Season 6 for competitive matches on Overwatch, the SR of each group member must be within 1000 (positive or negative) of all other group members ranked at Diamond or below, and within 500 of all members ranked at Master or above.

In late November, Philadelphia Fusion’s tank main Su-Min “Sado” Kim was handed a pre-season and 30-match suspension for account boosting – a practice of being paid to increase another user’s Skill Rating. While Undead & Xushu’s offense isn’t as severe as Sado’s, it is a poor reflection of the players’ professionalism considering they are now competing in the highest level of competitive Overwatch. Let’s hope that this is an isolated incident and these kids will learn a lesson or two from this.

Shanghai Dragons performed poorly in the recent Overwatch League pre-season exhibition matches, losing both their games to the highly favored Seoul Dynasty and the surprise package, Boston Uprising. The team looked in disarray and we recently had to demote them to Tier-B in our updated Overwatch League Team Grades.

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