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After about a week of teasing the Overwatch community with a new menu splash screen, the wait is over for those who could not wait to snap up their Overwatch League team skin for their favorite heroes.

Starting today, you can snap up Overwatch League hero skins in your game as Blizzard made the skins available for purchase using a new in-game currency called Overwatch League Tokens.

As mentioned by the league’s commissioner Nate Nanzer a while back, purchasing these skins are akin to real world merchandising in any franchise league, where proceeds of it are channeled to the respective teams, enabling fans to show their support financially to their team of choice.

Each 26 heroes will get 12 brand new Overwatch League skins of their own, with each variation reflecting the 12 teams competing in the inaugural season. This  amounts to a total of  312 brand new skins being introduced into the game in one shot – the most ever. As to not leave any player behind, every Overwatch player receives 100 Tokens to be used on any hero OWL team skin of their choice starting today and if you feel that one free skin isn’t enough, you can purchase more tokens by heading to your respective console stores. We took the liberty of checking out the PlayStation store and here’s how much these tokens cost:

*1US$: 4.01MYR

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Starting from about US5$ for 100 tokens (that’s about MYR20.50), them skins aren’t cheap and the bundle goes up to US$102 for 2600 tokens. If our math serves us right, you’ll need to spend US$1224 (MYR4909) in order to obtain all the skins. But come on – which sportsfan owns ALL the team football jerseys in the NFL eh?!

Since I main Pharah and I currently use her Anubis skin, I may have dodged the bullet there considering the team I support in the OWL, Seoul Dynasty have a similar-schemed look. I might spend my token on my new secondary main, Moira – but then again, her Whiskey skin is also black and yellow. Think I’ll hold on with my pick for now. What about you? Tell us in the comments section below Publisher. Coffee addict. Likes: Football, dogs, cats, Dislikes: Hanzo mains, one-tricks,
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