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Seoul Dynasty and New York Excelsior each have confirmed the signings of Lucio mains, which may be the biggest indicator on where the meta is heading following the Mercy nerf.

After finishing Stage 1 in an abysmal 5th place, the Seoul Dynasty have confirmed the recruitment of Heo “Gambler” Jin-woo to their roster. The former LW Blue player will be Seoul Dynasty’s 12th player and many believe the Lucio main act as an understudy and backup to the Boop God himself, Tobi.

Meanwhile, Tae-seong “ANAMO” Jeong joins Stage 1 runners-up, New York Excelsior where the former Ardeont support main is expected to play backup to superstar support duo of Ark and Jjonak who were easily the best support duo in the league right now.

Following the Mercy nerf, many teams appear to be gearing for a brand new tank-heavy meta, possibly one involving four tanks, heavily relying on the support of two mobile heroes with high, burst healing potential. We may even see a return to the classic dive meta which centers around Lucio and Zarya hence the rise in stock for Lucio players out there in recent weeks.

Stage 2 of the inaugural Overwatch League season kicks off this 23rd 2018 and players signed during this brief transfer period will be eligible to compete then.

Source: ESPN


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