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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Guide: The Best Skills & Tactics To Make History/Herstory

This feature is still under development. Also, this guide is powered by Dell Alienware’s gaming laptop line. PC version of the game, of course. 

While we’re still sorting out our final verdict for Ubisoft’s latest historical jaunt, we’ve at least played a dozen hours or so of this fine, fine open-world RPG. Despite its similarities to CD Projekt’s Witcher 3 by a tad, even right down to the level up jingle with the choir, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is still fun in a Greek Fire-filled barrel.

So here are a few basic tips to get you going and enjoying Ancient Greece during the Peloponnesian War.

Take Your Time

Ancient Greece is huge! Ubisoft said that the map is three times larger than Assassin’s Creed Origins’ version of ancient Egypt. You’ll also be using your ship a lot and travel back and forth assuming you haven’t unlocked fast travel points in various locations yet.

Get ready to immerse yourself into killing, stealthing, tomb raiding, ruins pilfering, army faffing, and level upping. This game will have you doing lots of activities and get you to finish up sidequests with interesting tales and most importantly, awesome loot to power up your Alexios/Kassandra.

Set The Game To Exploration Mode

Because of the huge map, it’s more fun not to have stuff being pointed out at you and being guided by a bunch of messy cursors to get your mission done. At the start of the game, just pick Exploration Mode when prompted to. You’ll thank us later.

Do The Side Quests

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey boasts a ton of sidequests, be it Character quests, World quests, or even the standard ones from random bystanders and ancient Greek figures. Apart from the romancing bit from some of them, you can earn better loot than usual that’s usually on par with your level. We still used Duris’ Sword during our time in the 13+level range.

Make Your Life Easier With Meditation

Back in Assassin’s Creed Origins, you have to purchase a skill called meditate which lets you change the time of day with a press & hold of a button. In AC Odyssey, it’s given to you from the get-go. This skill is handy to use before infiltrating forts, since enemies are more likely to be asleep and less aware at night.

Do Conquest Battles

These Spartan vs Athens large-scale battles are a test of attrition and time. You need to reduce the opposing faction’s bar before your faction’s bar drops to zero. All you have to do is look for the captains, thin out the army, then wait until the cutscene featuring the big bad pops up, then you kill him.

Your reward for dropping their bar to zero is epic level gear, which is always useful if you want to pimp out your hero stats-wise.

Loot War Supplies Before Burning Them Down

The missions leading up to Conquest Battles require you to burn war supplies in enemy camps and forts. But before destroying these boxes, make sure to loot them first to obtain some sweet materials like olive tree branches and so forth.

Parry, Parry, Parry

You can deflect arrows and parry attacks by pressing both top shoulder buttons (Left and Right Bumper for PC/Xbox One, L1 and R1 for PS4). Not only do you block that attack but you can counterattack with a move of your own. This isn’t Dark Souls/Bloodborne/Ni-oh levels of finesse; the parry animation is lenient and you can dodge roll out of it.

Practice Your Perfect Dodges

Perfect Dodges lets you slow down time so you can move in and counterattack. You can do this by dodging exactly when an enemy’s attack is about a few frames close to you. Practice this as much as you can; it’ll be invaluable especially in the conquest sections where your winning army may lose its war points and you need to squeeze out extra time from these perfect dodges.

Concerning Skill Points…

Just like in Assassin’s Creed Origins, you can level up your main character and get skill points to fill up the patented skill tree. Here’s our recommendation:

-Go for Stealth & Warrior first. You’ll be in many situations where you need to sneak in and kill things, and also initiate a Spartan/Athens war climate which requires brute force.

-The Spartan Kick is kinda cool AND practical. First, it pushes enemies off of ledges, and it also deals non-fatal damage to your target which is good if you plan on recruiting generals and high-ranked soldiers into your ship crew.

-Shield Breaker is useful since you’ll be fighting a LOT of Spartan and Athenian soldiers with shields. Your charged Heavy attack is fine and all, but sometimes you just want to pull off a Captain America-esque maneuver and leave your foes defenseless.

-Rush Assassination lets you pull off a quick Assassination move from a good distance while still keeping you invisible.

-Spend at least one skill point on the Predator Shot skill. Having a guided arrow that you can control is super-useful in making trick shots or just making sure your arrow does a critical hit.

-It’s hard to get back health unless you run away, so pick Second Wind as a secondary healing skill.

How To Kill The Kalydonian Boar

Perhaps one of the earliest walls of difficulty you’ll come across, this side mission opens up once you talk and flirt with Daphnae, a Daughter of Artemis. The mission? Hunt down and kill legendary beasts. The Kalydonian Boar is just a few blocks away from Daphnae’s location, so one would think that you should tackle that first, right?

Turns out that this boar is a pretty tough mother to defeat early-on in the game. Here are a few general tips:

  • Equip a good spear. Whether it’s epic or legendary, a spear can give you a good reach, can swipe the mini-boars he summons halfway in the fight, and is not as slow as the heavier weapons.
  • Get Second Wind on the Warrior Skill Tree. You may need to recover health from time to time since this fight is sorta like an MMO fight: it’ll take a while and you will somehow lose quite a bit of life since he hits like a semi.
  • When the mini-boars/bacon appear, kill them first. We cannot stress this early enough. Don’t be a hero/heroine and think you can take down the big boar first. The mini-boars are equally dangerous. Just slash them when they run up-close and head-shot them via bow and arrows when they’re in mid-range.

How To Kick Butt In Ship Battles


Upgrade Your Hull First

Ship battles are about outlasting the enemy, so upgrade your hull as much as you can to survive longer and equip more lieutenants.

Get Fire Arrows ASAP

You don’t need to upgrade your fire brazier to max, but at least get a few levels into that ship upgrade tree first. Fire arrows is like poison damage for enemy ships: they have damage over time effects that eat away other ships.

Alternate Spears And Arrows

Your abilities are on a cooldown, which means that you can’t just spam the same attack over and over. Alternate between arrow and spear shots; this isn’t a shmup where the fastest fingers win. Keep doing sustained damage and tough it out; we did ask you to upgrade your hull first, right? Keep an eye on your cooldowns so you know what to fire when fighting ships.

Keep Your Distance…

Just like any game with ranged weapons, play it smart and just keep your distance. Just go in close only if (i) you can ram and one-hit KO the ship in front of you, and (ii) if you’re ready to board it to get loot and max ship health refills. Funny thing: no other ship will attack you if you board a KO’ed ship, so take your time when you’ve already boarded.

…And Play Defensively

Just because your upgraded ship hull has a lot of HP, that doesn’t mean you should take unnecessary damage. Press your left bumper buttons (or L1) to brace and mitigate damage from enemy attacks.

Target Weakpoints

If you see a glowing section on your enemy’s ship, that’s a weakpoint. Shoot it down; aim your best weapons at that glowing location. You will do extra damage and sink a ship faster that way. To make them pop up frequently, either ram them or use fire arrows.

Recruit The Best Lieutenants

AC Odyssey lets you knock out enemies the non-lethal and let you recruit them. The best guys to recruit? The tougher Purple/Gold-labeled enemies like polemarchs, captains, and the big guy who uses fire clubs/poison clubs. Use your eagle Ikaros and scout out the best guys and gals to recruit to the good ship Alexios/Kassandra.

As an aside, find recruits who can boost your ship weapon skills. Say you want to buff up your ramming skills; just find a polemarch who can boost your ramming stats.

Go For The Easy Kill

Every time you board a ship and take out its crew, you’ll restore your own ship’s health. Weaken the easiest enemies and withstand their attacks and then take them out when they’re vulnerable. If they’re hanging out with other ships, try to draw them away so you can take them out one at a time. It’ll make fights against blockades easier and give you the health you need to take on larger ships.

Start Combat On Your Terms

You can see enemies much sooner than they perceive you. Use that as a chance to open up with a ramming attack or sustained volley to do big damage and start with an advantage.

When In Doubt, Swim

If a tough ship has you down and you’re feeling really confident in your melee combat skills, leap off your ship before you are detected and simply swim over to the enemy vessel. Climb aboard and if you can handle the crew single-handedly, you can avoid difficult ship battles altogether.

Fight Dirty

You don’t need to actually kill everyone to successfully complete a boarding action. All you need to do is clear the deck of the ship. In other words, go 300 on the enemy ship: use your Spartan Kick and other knock-back abilities to send the toughest enemies plummeting into the ocean below.

Choices & Consequences Guide (via Gamer Heroes)

Throughout AC Odyssey you’ll be given decisions to pick that can alter the course of your gaming experience. Here are some of the outcomes for these moments.

Spoiler alert, of course.


Release or Kill Cyclop’s Men

The first choice you have in the game has to do with the Cyclops thugs that attack you at your house.

Kill Them – If you kill them there is no one to report back to the Cyclops and nothing else really happens.

If You Let Them Live – They will ambush you down the road with two other allies. You get a little bit of loot and some extra EXP this way.

Make Duris Pay or Leave Duris Alone

Make Duris Pay – To make Duris pay you have two choices, kill him or break some of his vases. If you break two of his vases he will pay you and tell you to leave him alone. I tried to kill him as well but NPCs got involved and it turned into a blood bath. Duris just knelt down and paid me without me interacting with him and I couldn’t kill him after that. I got paid for both methods though.

Don’t Make Duris Pay – If you tell the merchant that double is too much and then spare him from the debt, he will give you a rare sword, Duris’s Sword.

Hungry Gods

I Hear Your Prayer – You can give the woman some money at her house to help her out if you want. You will get bonus EXP and a +2% warrior damage engraving.

… – You ignore the woman and leave her to her fate.

The Blood Fever

Defend Villagers – If you kill the priest and his guards the villagers will leave. Phoibe will get a friend but the result of letting the sickness spread will kill many more.

Leave Villagers – You leave and get your EXP. Phoibe will see you do this and call you out on it but the sickness won’t spread.

First Do No Harm

As soon as you get to this quest you get a choice.

No Need To Be Angry – The woman will leave and Sostratos will help you out.

Back Off – If you threaten the woman, you find out she is a priestess of Hera. Sostratos will be happy and help you out as well.

It’t up to you if you want to charge him or not. When you meet with Hippokrates, the choices don’t matter. You get hired for a job whether you like it or not.

Family Dinner

This quest is found in the Sanctuary Of Delphi. It has to do with someone you killed way back on the first island.

I Killed You Brother – The man says there will be a bounty on your head soon.

Maybe Your Brother Left Town – The man knows you are lying and says there will be a bounty on your head soon.

The Cyclops Told Me He Had Bigger Plans For Him – If you pick this option, he will believe you and give you another quest. Drop of the letter to the man’s wife to complete the quest.

Pythia Interrogation

I’m The One You should Be Afraid Of – Alexios grabs her neck threatens to kill her if she lies. She will tell you what you need to know, and then you leave without killing her. She will tell you Apollo will harm you for this.

Please I need To Know – You get the same answers but without the threat of violence. She will also say May Apollo protect you this time.

Left For Dead

This quest is found in the Sanctuary Of Delphi. It has to do with someone you killed way back on the first island.

I Killed Elpenor – If you choose this option, the man says you will pay. He will late put a bounty on your head for telling the truth.

Losing Your Family Can Be Very Hard – If you choose this option, the man will ask for some help killing bandits. You get paid and get some leather for helping him out.

I Didn’t Know Him – If you lie to him, he will also ask for your help with some bandits.

Cultist Meeting

This is a story quest where you deal with the Cultists. You can’t mess up here, it’s all story related so feel free to choose what you want.

I Will Make The Offering – If you choose this option, you cut your hand for the cult. Both options result in you cutting your hand.

I Will Not Make The Offering – If you choose this option, you will say that you pass. You can’t actually pass though, this isn’t a real choice.

Choice 2
This is a pointless choice.

Mother – The man says you’re wrong.

Father – The woman says you’re wrong.

Neither – They both think you are wrong.

Choice 3
This one has to do with a cowardly cultist.

I Don’t Know – If you say I don’t know, then more choices will open. If you do it, you burn the coward and get info from him. If you have the cultist do it, he will think you are a coward but you still get info.

I Won’t Do It –

Choice 4
You can try to touch the artifact if you want.

I Want To Touch It – The other cultist will slap your hand away and ask if you have lost your mind.

Back Away – You back away, the cultists won’t let you touch it anyways.

Choice 5
After you leave the cave you will speak to Herodotos again. Any choice you make her doesn’t matter, they all end up saying the same thing.

Sibling Choice

This quest is found in the Sanctuary Of Delphi. It has to do with someone you killed way back on the first island. There are a lot of choices, but there are only two that actually matter.

I Killed Nikolaos – If you choose this option, and she will go on about friendship bring the answer.

I Never Found Nikolaos – If you lie to your sibling she will get upset. They will say that you think friendship is the answer, and it will lead to you saying you are taking down the cult.

Choice 2
At the end you have to choose how you react to your sibling.

Not Before I Hurt You – You push her, she punches you and she leaves.

You’re Still My Sister – You try to hug your sibling and they say “Don’t Touch Me.” The end result is them leaving.

I’m going – You both leave.

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