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Echoes Of Mana Gacha Guide: The Best Heroes & Memory Gems

Echoes of Mana is out now for iOS and Android devices to satiate your mobile RPG 2D beat-em-up jollies. The game mixes in all characters and storylines from other better Mana games and just creates its own hodge-podge exclusive mobile experience; make of that what you will.

What is constant is that it’s a free-to-play action game with gacha elements. So here’s a guide to sort that out, from what to expect and the best heroes and Memory Gems available. Think of the latter as additional “equipment” that boosts your character’s stats.

Disclaimer: this list will be updated with every periodic update and additional characters in its roster. That’s how these games roll. 

How Gacha & Rerolling Works In Echoes Of Mana

-The reroll time is 2 minutes per round. You will be given 5,400 gems when you start post-tutorial, which is enough for 2 10x Summon gacha rolls.
– After the tutorial, you will be given a free roll that’s a guaranteed 3 star character. You can reroll as many times as you want for this particular roll.
-To reroll, you just need to head to Menu, then Title Screen, then User Support. Find the Delete User Data to begin the rerolling process.
-Protip: Try to score at least 3 different 4-Star characters.

The BEST Characters To Gacha In Echoes Of Mana

Sumo – Overcoming Myriad Farewells

The main character from the first Mana game is a literal tank and has great healing magic. He’s best at keeping your party alive.

Shiloh – Encounter Sprung from a Seed

This version of Shiloh has high defensive stats and can restore his own health when using his special technique. He’s definitely one character worth rerolling the game for.

Popoi – Headed for the Home Village

This rapscallion from Secret of Mana fights with a Boomerang, and has High Magic Damage. He also can restore his own HP with Special Techniques.

Angela – Magic Power in Bloom

This sorceress from Trials of Mana has high magic damage, moreso than the rest of the cast. She also deals 12% more damage when fighting enemies who are currently in full health. Use her as a DPS character who starts fights, then have the rest of the party play clean up.

Riesz – Pride of Amazon

This Trials of Mana character can knock up enemeis with her special technique, as well as keep her distance with her midranged attacks.


For a 2-star character whom you will gacha frequently (and default to at the start of the game), Honeycomb is useful in keeping your party alive. He has AoE healing and party members in co-op mode. Don’t sleep on this guy just because he isn’t a 3 or 4-star character.

The Best Memory Gems In Echoes Of Mana

You can equip Memory Gems onto party members for a much-needed stat boost and passive abilities to help them in their quests. Here are the best ones to aim for when gachaing, as well as to invest in via leveling up.

The Chosen One

Want a quick +70% Ultimate gauge boost at the start? This Memory Gem will sort you out!\

Machine Golem Shuffle

This Memory Gem gives you a boost to your Ultimate Damage.

Rulers of the World

This Memory Gem gives you much-needed MP regeneration, meaning you can use your special skills a bit more than usual.

Little Spirit Faye

This Memory Gem will give you +40% magic damage against oversized spirits, meaning it’ll be easier to deal with tougher enemies.

The Tale Begins

This Memory Gem has both an Attack buff and HP recovery. Put this on your strongest damage dealer.

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