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Royal Highness: Our Favourite Kings & Queens Of Videogaming

Recently, Malaysia’s Sultan Muhammad has stepped down as the King of the country. The news came as a shock to many, particularly his relatives in Kelantan.

It is rather sudden to see his reign cut short since 2016. So to pay tribute to the former Agong abdicating the throne, we’re going to turn our frowns upside-down and bring up our favourite royalties of videogaming.

Princess Peach (Super Mario Bros. Series)


Ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. Avid sports fan in tennis, basketball, and soccer. A competent main star in her own DS game. Top-tier fighting game character. Bowser’s object of affection and favourite abductee. She gets kidnapped so much, sometimes we wonder if she really has Stockholm Syndrome.

You know here, you’ve seen her, you’ve played as her; no one is as iconic as this royal member of the Mushroom Kingdom. We are still perplexed that she’s not dubbed Queen Peach; take some responsibility, dammit. “Princess” is just a title here.

Bowser (Super Mario Bros.Series)


King of all the koopas and goombas. Also into sports and fighting. Usually the last boss of every major Mario game, whether he wears a tux for the occasion

Princess Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy Series)


Queen of the Lumas and that one princess who aids Mario when he started traipsing around from planet to planet. Unlike the princesses in the Mushroom Kingdom, she takes initiative and flaunts her power instead of being kidnap-bait. She isn’t above using her Star power (in the form of Lumas) and levitation skills to give herself an edge in combat and competitive sports. She also prefers the “Princess” title instead of “Queen” for some reason.

King Dedede (Kirby Series)


Self-proclaimed king of Dream Land back in the ’92 days where the Game Boy ruled over children. The arch-nemesis of Kirby, he carries and wields that mallet like the world is going to end. He must have had top tier engineers working on that weapon; it has a built-in jet engine and a friggin’ laser cannon. Whiskey tango foxtrot much, your lordship?

Prince Arthas/The Lich King (WarCraft)


That one boss from World of Warcraft you have to kill as a raiding party. He’s also that one guy you used under the Alliance in WarCraft III before he turned into a Deathknight.

Emily Caldwell (Dishonored Series)


A child empress in the first Dishonored game, and a badass deposed queen in the second, Emily Caldwell has learned well from her dad Corvo Attano.

To sum it up, Emily is cool as heck, is a ruthless assassin, and does not take s*** from anyone. That’s evident when you start using her Far Reach shadow powers, her Domino effect that lets you off multiple guards at once, her Shadow Walk that amps her sneaking powers, and a few controlling and misdirection magic skills to turn the tide of a mission. Or escape attempt, since she’s on a lam and all.

Noctis (Final Fantasy XV)


The heir to Insomnia, a kingdom of Final Fantasy XV’s Eos. The whole day and night concept is important. Without all of the special Regent powers of the king here, the land is covered in perpetual darkness and will be filled with demon mobs.

To be frank, we remember Noctis not just for his laid-back personality, but for his aids -Prompto, Ignis, and Gladio- all of whom share a familial bond through the trials of the game’s story. If only the majority of the game was as consistent and well-planned-out as the narrative between the four heroes.

King Graham (King’s Quest Series)


He’s been the most prominent character in the majority of Sierra’s King’s Quest games. He had a starring role in the first, second, and fifth game, as he goes on a quest to destroy wicked witches, find his queen, and rescue his kingdom and family in that respective order.

King Frost (Shin Megami Tensei series)


Jack Frost may be the face of Atlus and the Shin Megami Tensei games, but you have to remember that he has a boss who oversees everything. Enter this giant rotund fairy king who is supported by other little Jack Frosts, ruling over his subjects with an iron fist and ruthless disposition.

He’s weak to Fire, but even that is circumvented in later iterations of this giant fairy since he is immune to status effects and can drain Ice attacks.

The King of All Cosmos (Katamari Damacy)


Irresponsible dad who makes his prince of a son clean up his messes. From getting drunk to berating his spawn and his siblings, is it any wonder as to why the Cosmic family still sticks together despite the patriarch being a snarky-if-funny dipstick?

FYI, the HD remaster of Katamari Damacy is out; go check it out!

The Prince (Prince of Persia)


We like the 2003 incarnation of the Prince. He’s suave, charming, and knows how to keep the mood light despite being stuck fending for himself while dealing with time-bending bullcrap.

The less said about the Warrior Within incarnation, the better.

King (Mega Man & Bass/Rock Man & Forte)


Self-declared king of all the robot masters, King wanted to create a new monarchy where Robot Masters aren’t slaves to humans.

King (Tekken series)


Not really royalty, but still the king of the luchadore ring in the Iron Fist story. Speaks in growls, so it’ll be really hard for him to communicate with characters outside of the Tekken-verse.

King (Art of Fighting, The King of Fighters)


Again, not really royalty. Still, she’s a queen in her own right when kicking ass while also bartending in South Town to support her paraplegic brother Jan.

We’re probably missing a few more kings and queens on this list. Let us know who else to add and who is your favourite video game royal figure. 

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