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Go Westeros: What Conleth Hill and Carice Van Houten Will & Won’t Miss From The Game Of Thrones

As we approach to what is inevitably the end of Game of Thrones, there will definitely be that void in our hearts telling us we’ll miss certain moments of the show. That might sign to let go and stop dwelling in George RR Martin’s concluded universe of Game of Thrones.

While we’re definitely sad that the show has to end, the actors and actresses have another perspective on that.

Let’s hear what the people playing Lord Varys and the Red Witch Lady Melisandre, which are Conleth Hill and Carice Van Houten respectively, has to say about the end of the epic saga.

What Will They Miss

Game of Thrones 7

Reminiscing back in the early days of the production, Hill highlighted the growth of the crew, from six or seven vans plus the trailer and the makeup truck, to what now looks like a rock festival.

I must admit my favourite scenes were always the two handers with me and Littlefinger or the two handers with me and Peter [Dinklage] or even me and Diana [Rigg] in those early seasons.

Hill also said that he’ll miss the intimate stuff, as will most actors. I’ll be honest, we’ll be missing those stuff too, and much more.

Van Houten will also be missing Liam Cunningham’s goofiness. According to the actress, he’s the first thought that comes up on her mind when she thinks of the show. The two are very close and would joke around most of the times.

“When he was not there I could totally feel that he was not there and I was missing his craziness,” Van Houten added to the things she’ll miss.

What They Won’t Miss

Game of Thrones 8

Well, since the longest winter is coming, one can expect the temperatures to drop hard, and Hill despises the cold more than ever. That, and shaving his head every time another Game of Thrones season is about to start.

Van Houten, on the other hand, has troubles with her tricky costume. “You can’t see it but there’s a long shawl and I am very small so everything that’s big that just falls off my shoulders. And it was really heavy,” said Van Houten in one of a media-exclusive HBO interview transcript. She had to hold it while she wades through the mud and was tiring.

Given the considerable number of horses in the show, Van Houten also shared her fear of horses and allergies to them.

“Yes. I always felt really cool unless they shat or something., Van Houten confessed about acting around horses,

“That always felt like I was farting in public or something.”

Moments to Reminisce

Van Houten looks back at the show, and she loves the experience as a whole. “It was a huge thing,” she said. “I’ve done other things that I’m just as proud of, but as a character, the whole experience was something I’ve never had before,” she added.

“Also, the people that I’ve met and then the crew give you that sense of family. I will miss them all.”

“For me, my highlighted moment is with Miss Carice here,” Hill shares his prized moment on the Game of Thrones set.

“It was on Fair Head, which is five minutes from where I grew up. It was just very surreal, very brilliant, and couldn’t have been with nicer company. That scene on top of the cliff where we used to play as kids was all very strange… but brilliant.”

With the saga coming to an end, Conleth Hill wraps up the series and his feelings.

“I can’t wait until this series is all out and over, there’s so many more secrets to this season than there were before.”

Fans around the world can only wait to discover the secrets the final season has to offer.

Game of Thrones Season 8 will be out 15 April, Monday at 9 am on HBO (Astro Channel 411/431 HD). 

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