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It looks like even literary characters are now joining in on the shared cinematic universe trend. Netflix has hired screenwriter Anna Klassen to write Dorothy & Alice, a crossover following the friendship between The Wizard of Oz‘s Dorothy and Alice In Wonderland‘s Alice.

According to Collider, the Dorothy & Alice project has been in the works at Netflix since 2017. The original script featured two of English literature’s most iconic female protagonists teaming up to save both of their respective worlds from destruction. If that doesn’t sound totally epic and awesome, I don’t know what does.

Klassen herself confirmed the news on Twitter after rumors of Dorothy & Alice began circulating due to an update on her IMDb Pro profile.

This is Klassen’s big break after she rose to fame by writing a script for Harry Potter author JK Rowling’s biopic called When Lightning Strikes. It remains to be seen if she will still be using the same premise for Dorothy & Alice as the original script, but the project is still an exciting one brimming with potential nonetheless.

Let’s hope that it doesn’t turn out like the 2003 movie adaptation The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which bombed at the box office due to bad critical reception and low audience interest. I wonder if that movie would fare differently now in the golden age of comic book movies.


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