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In the manga/anime One-Punch Man series, main hero Saitama became his OP self by doing 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10k-run every single day. Guess who ended up taking this off-kilter challenge?

Why it’s quirky Singapore investor Sean Seah. And the results are pretty awesome!

According to his latest video about the anime workout, the additional things you need to complement the aforementioned workout is:

  • to have 3 meals a day. Cut down on carbs, sugar, and fried food.
  • to perk out with black coffee. Pure coffee; no sugar, no milk, zilch.
  • to drink water. No soda, no bubble tea, zilch.
  • to snack on fruits, if you have to. A single banana can keep you full.

Let it be said that animes can be a source of inspiration and lifestyle/lifehack changes for the better. If you want to get pumped and hyped, you can join the One-Punch Man Workout group on Facebook which Sean Seah started. You won’t be one-hitting super-powerful alien invaders anytime soon, but you will be buff; that’s more than enough.

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