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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will receive its first post-launch content on all platforms. The new content is called “Invasion: Battle for D.C.”, and it will be the first free post-launch update that includes upcoming releases such as the first of the lot, ‘Tidal Basin‘.

Invasion: Battle for D.C. will include much more challenges than the base game.

For example, players will have access to Tidal Basin, a new stronghold held by the endgame faction, Black Tusk. It’s home to some of the most powerful enemies ever faced.

If you think you’re strong because you conquered Tidal Basin, think again. After completing Tidal Basin, you’ll be able to advance to World Tier 5 and unlock the possibility to obtain gear scores 450-500.

Invasion: Battle for D.C. will also feature:

  • A new Heroic difficulty setting.
  • Weekly invasions by the Black Tusk offering great rewards.
  • Two new exotic weapons Pestilence and Nemesis.
  • Three new gear sets:
    • True Patriot
    • Hardwired
    • Ongoing Directive
  • A new PvP map, Fort McNair.
  • Invasion Apparel Event for players to collect new enemy-inspired outfits.
  • New unlockable Specialization coming soon.

But most importantly, there’s a big-as-heck raid happening. Operation Dark Hours, the 8-man raid that will put teamwork, communication, patience, and skill to the very limit. The raid will be released on 25 April.

Nemesis Sniper Rifle

This flurry of content marks the first update brought to players as part of Year 1 post-launch updates. Players can look forward to more content over the next coming months.

  • Episode 1, D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions, releasing in Summer 2019, will offer players two new additional main missions and a new game mode to investigate the fate of a lost convoy, encountering unexpected threats along the way.
  • Episode 2, Pentagon: The Last Castle, coming in Fall 2019, will see players storming the Pentagon to unveil the secrets hidden beneath the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense.
  • Finally, Episode 3 will drop during Winter 2019 and will draw the first chapter of The Division 2 story to a close and pave the way for more exciting content in the future.

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