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Bethesda showed off their take on cloud streaming called Orion. The claim that Orion will take 40% less bandwidth and reduces perceptible latency by 20%.

Orion is a patented collection of software technologies that improve the quality and speed of game streaming that is built ground-up from the engine level. It will also complement, not compete, with other gaming services. It’s not going up against guys like Google Stadia or Microsoft’s xCloud platform. “This can be put into any game engine,” said Bethesda director of publishing James Altman.

“It can be used with any streaming platform to provide a better experience for any consumer playing that game on that platform and to deliver it at a lower cost for whoever’s serving the data.”

Orion stream

The end result is faster and cheaper streaming for players and developers. Orion allows players to stream games with max settings, with the usual ‘YEAH’ response from the crowd. This may theoretically mitigate cloud gaming’s biggest problem, like lowering minimum internet speed, makes physical distance from a server less important, and requires less data centers to run.

They demoed the tech and showed to the audience that they could stream Doom 2016 on a phone with no hits to the graphical quality. Bethesda says you can test the tech out later today here.

So far, there’s no implication of where Orion will be implemented.

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