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Slag Bethesda all you like for their piss-poor take on Fallout 76, but you should at least them props for trying to fix an already-broken game that people have already paid RM200+ for. During a QuakeCon 2019 panel this weekend (Bethesda now runs this, FYI), the developers have introduced a bunch of new features and content to keep the game up and running.

For starters, the game will have four-player raids that take place in Vault 94. According to the devs, the raid is “puzzle-based”, it features three levels of difficulty with the higher levels adding a timer but also increasing reward tiers, and armour set bonuses like the ones in the picture above. Get your team ready for this venture when this mode comes out 20th August.

The game’s battle royale mode Nuclear Winter will be getting a new map this September. It’s a place called Morgantown and includes locations like the Morgantown Airport and Vault-Tec University. The map will also be getting some new levels of verticality as it has the tallest point in all of Appalachia. Oh, and even some regional PvE action by way of the Grafton Monster. But you don’t have to wait too long for battle royale bonuses; players can start choosing their own perks instead of getting randomly-assigned ones starting this August.

Lastly, and this could be a game-changer, Fallout 76 will have private servers. There’s no date for this yet, but the devs said that it’s coming “sooner than you think”. Private servers allow players to have their own community in a particular region; connecting to a private server in Asia would be way more beneficial connection-wise than with a bunch of online random players who may be lying about their region.


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