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What’s that? You somehow missed out on the Steam Summer Sale?
Or you took too long contemplating whether or not to get that game you wanted and only now you realise you want it?
Or you simply have more money and you just want to buy more games?

Fear not, friend.

Ever heard of Green Man Gaming? Well if your answer is no, prepare for a very pleasant introduction (if you’re a PC gamer).

Green Man Gaming (GMG) is basically a digital store for PC games, just like Steam and the Epic Games Store. An Intel-sponsored Summer Sale is currently happening on GMG and it will end on 7 August 2019. Unlike Steam and the EGS, GMG just operates through its website, like Humble Bundle. You don’t need to download an executable client or anything else to start shopping. Just go to the website and you can start filling up your cart.

Resident Evil 2 Remake
Resident Evil 2 is on sale for RM82.57 and it’s also a golden tag game which means you can redeem up to five free games when you purchase it.

The special thing about GMG’s summer sale is that every purchase will allow you to redeem at least one free game and even get a sale-wide discount. Here’s how it works:

Each game has a tag and the tags determine what you can redeem after purchasing said game. There are three distinct tags: bronze, silver, and gold. Obviously, the higher you go, the better the freebies.

So if you buy a game with a bronze tag, you can redeem any one of the games from the bronze tier list for free. You’ll also get a 7% discount code to be used in your next summer sale purchase.

Darksiders 2.jpg
Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition is silver-tagged and it’s being sold for RM11.20

GMG is British-based but it supports 18 currencies from around the world including Malaysian Ringgit. So if you’re Malaysian, you don’t have to worry about having a PayPal account and currency exchange rates.

For more information on how the summer sale works, you can read GMG’s detailed explanation here.

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