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Monster Hunter World is Capcom’s feather in the cap, so it’s no surprise how its massive expansion, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is picking up steam as the hype train speeds up with no signs of stopping.

With that, there will be new hunters trying out the ropes as well as passionate veterans warming up for new challenges.

Iceborne hype real.png

The community is more than happy to share a few tips to kick start your frosty journey. Here’s what you need to do before you head into the unforgiving freezing shores of Hoarfrost Reach.

Beginner Tips

We start with some tips for hunters who recently started the base game. Don’t worry, it’s not a race to Iceborne. Take your time and pace and enjoy the beautiful world of Monster Hunter World.

Get To HR16

Before you head any further down the list, make sure you hit Hunter Rank 16 first by completing the main story. This will allow you to start the Iceborne campaign on day one.

It takes an approximate 30 hours before you reach the final boss, depending on how long you decide to farm the monsters.

MHW Credits.png
Credits! You’re cleared for Iceborne!

Once the credits roll, you’re good for Iceborne. However, Master Rank is the true test of skill and gear, so you should prepare as much as you can.

Find Your Best Weapon…

There are 14 types of weapon in the game, and each caters a different playstyle. For example, the Sword and Shield offers mobility and decent damage output with a shield in case of emergencies, while heavier weapons such as the Greatsword deals heavy damage at the cost of mobility. Some weapons are technical, such as the Charge Blade and the Switch Axe, hard to master but rewarding.

Learn the combos of the weapons to maximise damage output. There are some good video guides out there to help you out, such as Gaijin Hunter’s YouTube page. He’s one of the most helpful hunters out there.

Arekkz is another veteran hunter who creates lovely guides for weapons.

You can try out each weapon in the Training Area, and you aren’t restricted to one type of weapon as you can switch weapons in the tent during missions.

… And Master It

Practice makes perfect, especially in a game like Monster Hunter World where skills are just as important as the equipment.

A perfect example of a Long Sword master:

Mastering your weapon means not only knowing the combos but to know its playstyle, positioning, timing, animations and such. This would help you immensely as you play through the base game.

Don’t Be Afraid To Call For Help

If you’re stuck on a monster, this is a good time to call in some reinforcements. The SOS feature finds you players from all over the world offering for help. More than often, higher HR players will join in your quest to help you out.

Yep, you’re screwed now, monster.

This doesn’t mean you can slack off during the quest though. This is the perfect opportunity to observe how to handle this once insurmountable threat.

Complete Deliveries

This will provide you with new camps and new ingredients for use at the Canteen providing you with better bonuses and useful skills such as Felyne Moxie and Felyne Insurance.

Deliveries like this help you progress even faster.

Although you can skip certain deliveries that reward you with cosmetics, such as the Layered Armor, since those are purely cosmetics.

Another way of looking good is pulling off that Foresight Slash perfectly.


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